MSDN and TechNet now run on Hyper-V

I’ve had a lot of interest in Hyper-V from customers and quite a few questions too.  One of the most common being, “Who is using it in a production environment?”.  Up until now I didn't have an answer. … but now I do.

Microsoft are now running the MSDN and TechNet sites on Hyper-V.  So, putting that in context, that’s over 4 million hits a day (1 million for TechNet and 3 million for MSDN).  This implementation also puts in context what sort of work loads Hyper-V can support.  Granted there was a performance overhead for running in a virtual environment when compared with the loads the physical boxes could handle but that’s part of parcel of virtualisation.

More info can be found on or indeed on our Virtualisation blog here.

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