Goodbye CSS, Hello TS2

After 8 years in Product Support at Microsoft (CSS, formerly PSS), I decided to make a career change.  I am now part of the Microsoft Across America (MSAM) team as a TS2 Presenter.  The time spent in CSS has been invaluable.  I am thankful for the relationships that I have developed - including the members of the SBS support team, local partners in the DFW area via the DFW-SBS Users Group and with partners and MVP's around the world. 


Special kudos go out to the SBS support team in Las Colinas.  I consider Chris Puckett, Damian Leibaschoff, David Copeland, Douglas Boyd, Ed Walters, James Frederickson, Jeff Taylor, Jim Martin, John Bay, Justin Crosby, Mark Stanfill, Mike Lieser, Roderick White and Shawn Sullivan friends.  Keep up the outstanding work!  There are countless Microsoft customers that count on you for everything that you do.


My first day in my new position was Jan 15th.  I traveled my first day on the job!  We are delivering Launch Content mostly around Office 2007 and Vista.  I shadowed Charles Van Heusen in New Orleans and Baton Rouge on the week of the 15th.  The week of Jan 29th was in Boise and Salt Lake City with Fred Pullen.  The week of Feb 5th was spent in Redmond for TechReady (that's where Microsoft pulls in it's field people and shows us the new stuff).  The week of Feb 19th was with Stephen Demming in Baltimore and DC.  Today I am in Chicago with Don Roessler.  I will be flying solo in the April timeframe.  Check your local listings for a show near you! 


I am not sure what direction my blog will go.  I will definitely keep up my relationships with these geeks so if there is something late breaking and technical - you will see it here!  My initial thought is to have this be like an answer board for questions from events.  So whenever I say "ummmm, I don't know what licenses are required if you have Exchange 2007 Enterprise in an "edge transport" role and Exchange 2003 as your mailbox server...", I plan to post the answer on my blog.  Whatever the case may be, I hope that your visits to my blog prove to be valuable (mostly).






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    Hurry folks, ask him questions before he loses his chops!

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