SharePoint 2013 Searching for a URL

My colleague Igor Veytskin and I have run into a few issues when trying to search for a document in SharePoint 2013 based on its URL. If you take a look at the Managed Properties returned in search results, you'll see where the URL is stored. It is stored in the 'Path' managed property. The Search Query…


SharePoint 2013 Monitor and Tune Content Feed

I have not seen too much in the way of guidance for monitoring and tuning content feeding for SharePoint 2013. This post will cover isolating the bottleneck in your feeding chain. In a future post, I will cover how to address these bottlenecks. But, in most cases you will simply need to add more instances of a component or…


SharePoint 2013 Unable to change topology when Generation controller is not active

When making a change to the search topology, you need to have at least one index component in the active state with no warnings for each partition. This makes sense if you are adding additional partitions which would cause the indexed documents to be repartitioned. In that case you would need a valid copy of…


SharePoint 2013 Non-Rectangular Search Topology

The SharePoint 2013 search topology is the next evolution of the Fast search engine from ESP and Fast Search for SharePoint. In previous releases you were forced to equal number of “rows” and “columns” in your search deployment. This is no longer a constraint in SharePoint 2013. This can be useful in many operational scenarios…


SharePoint 2013 Search Event Log Messages

While working on some diagnostic tools for SharePoint 2013, I came across this gem. All of the event log messages that SharePoint 2013 Search will throw are contained in a .man file that is included as a part of the SharePoint install. “” can be found inside the install directory at Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Bin\….