Useful information to provide to Microsoft Support in case of issues with Server Performance

In case you have got issues with your Server Performance like intermittently becomming unresponsive,generating event id's like 2020,2019,2021 or you are suspecting a problem with resource depletion;then these are the set of logs an engineer from Microsoft would require to help you diagonise the problem.


  1. MPS Reports:


If you have any questions regarding the usage or operations of the MPS Reporting Tool please review the link below:


  1. Perfmon:


          Go to the PC (without any issues). Start, Run and type "perfmon" (without quotation marks) and press OK. 

         - Expand Performance Logs and Alerts. Highlight Counter Logs and right click in the right pane to bring up a menu. From this menu, select "New Log Settings". Give this log a name.

         - Press Add counters. Type in the the server name that we want to monitor ( Example: in the format: \\Servundefined

         - Add "All counters" and "All instances" each of the following objects:

             Network Interface
             Paging File
             Physical Disk
             Server Work Queues
         - Set the Interval for every N minutes. 


    N = 5 minutes – Issue happens once a day

       = 10 minutes-  Issue happens once a week

       = 15 minutes –Issue happens one in 15 days

       = 30 minutes –Issue happens once in 30 days


         - Click on the Log Files tab and set Log file type to Binary Circular File and a Limit of 500,000 KB. Please make sure where the Log is currently save have enough disk space to accommodate.

         - Go to the schedule tab, set the schedule for "Stop Log- Manually" and "Start Log- Manually. 

           Here is an article for reference: 248345 How to Create a Log Using System Monitor in Windows 2000 <<<<>>>>


Note : Logs needs to be taken till the issue occurs next time.




  1. Poolmon


Note:Logging needs to be done till the issue occurs next time. 


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  1. Chandan Patralekh says:

    Hi There,

    I have migrated my print server from a Windows 2000 SP4 server to a Windows 2003 SP2 server. This was due to the two reasons. Support expiring for Windows 2000 SP4 and the old hardware not capable enough to support the current load. We used printmig 3.1 to migrate the printers. Now after few days we have started facing issues where in the large print jobs of which are in the range of 30MB+ are very slow. The server has 4Gb of RAM and has the latest processor. Even when the load is not there i.e only few users are connected it takes long time to print.

    Please advise some toubleshooting steps if you can.

    Another question can it be a driver compatibility issue? If Yes how we can identify and resolve it?


    Chandan Patralekh

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