Update to PDF API Showcase Sample Code

We have posted an update for the PDF viewer showcase sample which now also includes a C# sample in addition to the existing C++ and JS sample. The sample has the following two main updates:   The code has been refactored to use the MVVM programming paradigm A new PDFViewModel WinRT component has been added which enables…


Rendering PDF Content

Here is another interesting article on how to use the PDF APIs in Windows 8.1 to render PDF content in a Windows Store App: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dn532207.aspx   –PDF API Team

Introduction to PDF APIs in Windows 8.1

This is the official blog of the team that delivered the PDF WinRT APIs in Windows 8.1. We wish to open up this channel of communication with all the developers who are working in this space. The aim is to: Share what we have delivered thus far Hear back from you on how you have…