Working with Azure Storage Tables from PowerShell

Hello, AzureRmStorageTable got a major update, now it is v2.0 and you can find a newer version of this post at my new blog:


Safeguarding your passwords when deploying Azure Virtual Machines with Azure PowerShell module and ARM Templates by using Azure Key Vault

Hello everyone, This blog shows you how to rely on Azure Key Vault in order to avoid passwords written in plain text on PowerShell scripts and/or Azure Resource Manager Templates and it takes you from how passwords were handled on Azure Service Manager (classic virtual machines) all the way up to using ARM Templates with…


Azure Powershell May 2016 Edition (Version 1.4.0) And Azure SDK 2.9 Changes–Obtaining Storage Account Keys Example

Hello Everyone, in this blog post I’m going to discuss some changes that happened in the Azure SDK and Azure PowerShell module that may be affecting you or will affect you if you update to the latest version. The issue that affected me and probably will affect anyone that is deploying Azure Resource Manager Templates…

Working with Azure Active Directory Graph Api from Powershell

Hello Everyone, In this blog post I’m going to show a simple way to work with Azure Active Directory Graph Api directly from Powershell. Basically in order to access this API we first need to be authenticated with ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library), this authentication will is done trough a JSON formatted token that is…


Azure Resource Manager Tags – Extending tag functionality with JSON string

Hello Everyone, this is Paulo. Introduced with Azure Resource Manager, resource tags helps us organizing resources, it is a well known resource also for building charge back process, where shared resources that resides in different resource groups can receive the same tag. For more information about Azure Resource Tags, please refer to this article. Tags…