Azure Image Management Automation

  Hello, in this blog post, I will talk about the Azure Image Management Automation which is a set Azure Automation Runbooks that allows us to alleviate some of the overhead work that comes with the adoption of custom “golden” images built on-premises and used in Azure. This solution is a team effort between John…


Working with Azure Storage Queues from PowerShell

  Hello Everyone, in this blog post I would like to introduce you to my latest PowerShell module, similarly to the AzureRmStorageTables module that I developed a while ago, this module works with Storage Queues, enabling IT Pros to rely on this great service that Azure Storage provides. A fully function example of how IT…


Adding an Azure Virtual Machine that uses managed disk into an availability set–manual process

Hi Everyone, UPDATE (08/19/2017): The PowerShell Module described below now supports both Managed and  Unmanaged Disks, so there is no need anymore to use this manual process unless you want to understand what happens behind the scenes of the module. This blog post walks you through the manual process of adding an Azure virtual machine…


Sample bash script executing Azure CLI 2.0 commands, which can be executed on Linux (tested on Ubuntu) or Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10

Hello everyone, this blog post directs you to a sample bash script that uses Azure CLI 2.0 that performs some deployment operations on Azure. There is a counterpart script based on PowerShell that can be found at Basically this bash script with Azure CLI 2.0 deploys the following components: 1 x Resource Group 1…


Deploying a virtual machine based on a generalized custom image using the Azure Portal

Hello everyone, Just to close the discussion started on Creating an Ubuntu Server 16.10 generalized image on Azure and Deploying a new VM based on this image using Azure CLI 2.0, where we deployed an Ubuntu VM from the Azure Marketplace, then customized its image and deployed other VM based on this generalized image by…


Executing Custom Script Extension using Azure CLI 2.0 on an Azure Linux Virtual Machine

Hello Everyone, This blog post shows an end-to-end scenario for executing a bash script remotely on an Azure Linux VM. I put this together because out there we have documentation for the commands individually but no end-to-end example, here I show how to obtain the storage account key, how to check if a container exists…


Creating an Ubuntu Server 16.10 generalized image on Azure and Deploying a new VM based on this image using Azure CLI 2.0

Hello Everyone, This step by step guide will show you how to prepare a generalized image from an Ubuntu 16.10 image from the marketplace, using the newest managed disks that were released on 02/08/2017.   Generalized virtual machines are nothing more than a virtual machine installed from the Azure Marketplace then manually customized and prepared…


Working with Azure Storage Tables from PowerShell

Hello, AzureRmStorageTable got a major update, now it is v2.0 and you can find a newer version of this post at my new blog: