Microsoft Cloud App Security – Threat Detection

Cloud App Security provides threat protection for your cloud applications that’s enhanced with vast Microsoft threat intelligence and research. Identify high-risk usage, security incidents, and detect abnormal user behavior to prevent threats.

Cloud App Security helps you to stay ahead of attackers. You can identify anomalies in your cloud usage that may be indicative of a data breach. Cloud App Security advanced machine learning heuristics learn how each user interacts with each SaaS application and, through behavioral analysis, assesses the risks in each transaction. This includes simultaneous logins from two countries, the sudden download of terabytes of data, or multiple failed login attempts that may signify a brute force attack.

In this blog post, I will show how to identify and report on Users logging on from Risky IP Addresses outside of the United States.

From the Cloud App Security Console, Select Investigate and choose Activity Log.

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