AppCompat VirtualRegistry

I created the following registry keys:


Name: Version

Type: REG_SZ

Data: 1.0


Name: Version

Type: REG_SZ

Data: 2.0

Then create a quick SMS Installer package (SHIMVER.EXE) to read SHIM1 Registry Key for Version 1.0.

Check Disk Space

Get Registry Key Value
  Value Name=Version

Display Message
  Title English=Version Check
  Text English=Version is %VER%

Then ran Application Compatibility Administrator and created the following VirtualRegistry Shim.

Selected VirtualRegistry – Parameter – Command Line: ADDREDIRECT(HKLM\SOFTWARE\SHIM1^HKLM\SOFTWARE\SHIM2)

Now when I run SMS Installer package (SHIMVER.EXE) it reads 2.0

Thank You Chris Jackson…

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