Features that Are Not Supported on the Internet-Based Client Management


Features that Are Not Supported on the Internet

Not all Configuration Manager 2007 features are appropriate for the Internet, and so they are not supported when clients are managed on the Internet. The features that are not supported for Internet management typically rely on Active Directory Domain Services (which is not accessible from the Internet) or are not appropriate for a public network (such as network discovery and Wake On LAN).

The following features are not supported when clients are managed on the Internet:

  • Software distribution that is targeted to users (either directly or through Microsoft Windows security groups).
  • Branch distribution points (a branch distribution point cannot support Internet clients, and clients on the Internet cannot be configured as a branch distribution point).
  • Client deployment over the Internet.
  • Auto-site assignment.
  • Network Access Protection (NAP).
  • Wake On LAN.
  • Operating system deployment.
  • Remote control.
  • Out of band management in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1.
  • The client ping functionality used with the client status reporting feature in Configuration Manager 2007 R2.

Additionally, Internet-based client management does not support roaming, which allows clients to always find the closest distribution points to download content. Clients that are managed on the Internet have a fixed Internet-based management point and communicate with that management point only when they are on the Internet, and with site systems in the site that are configured for Internet-based client management.

Clients connecting over the Internet will download content from any of the Internet-based distribution points in the site, regardless of bandwidth or physical location. For this reason, you cannot configure a protected site system to support Internet-based client management.



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