SharePoint 2013 Training für Administratoren (Videos)

Hi, auf TechCenter gibt es für SharePoint 2013 eine umfangreiche Bibliothek anTrainingsvideos bestehend aus 14 Modulen. (Link) Mein absoluter Favorit ist Modul 13 SharePoint Upgrade, wirklich gut Viel Spaß beim anschauen. Liebe Grüße Patrick


SQL Server 2012 Technical Upgrade Guide available

Hello @all, I’ve decided to write this post is in English,  because the following Guide is only available in English… Some days ago Microsoft announced “SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Technical Guide”. It’s a little PDF-File with 454 pages, so not to long *just kidding* But in my mind, a very useful help in planning and…


Mein Webcast ist da: SharePoint Debugging mit Microsoft Public Symbols

Hallo @all, mit etwas Verzögerung ist er nun da, der Webcast “SharePoint Debugging – Die Schwarze Magie mit Microsoft Public Symbols” und die SharePoint Community wird sich freuen. Das ist/war der Vortrag den ich auf dem ShareCamp 2012 in Unterschleißheim gehalten hatte. “SharePoint Debugging – Die Schwarze Magie mit Microsoft Public Symbols”. Mit den Debugging…


SharePoint 2010 JuneCU 2011 available (+ side effect info & solution)

Hello @all, in my last post I wrote SP1 release, download and installation info. On the same day, product group publish JuneCU 2011, which run on build level: 14.0.6106.5000. KB 2536601 – SharePoint Foundation 2010 – Download  KB 2536599 – SharePoint Server 2010 – Download After installing JuneCU please run: SharePoint Configuration Wizard or “psconfig…


SharePoint PerformanceTester new version published

Hello @all, in the past I’ve created a little stress test tool to create traffic for SharePoint servers. With SharePoint 2010 I’ve extended performanceTester with some additional features: extend debug information for each request Version of the SharePoint Server display used CacheControl Setting for SP2010: analyze HealthScore for SP2010: receive SPRequestID for further ULS log…


SharePoint Performance Troubleshooting – part 2

Hello, after publishing performanceTester in my last post Sharepoint performancetester identify your bottlenecks, lets get started to troubleshoot performance issues. In solving performance issues i could identify different places of bottlenecks. These places are inside your IT infrastructure. One of my colleagues is always saying: “Lets paint a picture” and in performance troubleshooting it’s display…


SharePoint PerformanceTester – Identify your bottleneck / bottlenecks

Hello, today i want to publish my next tool “PerformanceTester”, which I used in the last time to troubleshoot performance issues. The main problem i had is always: performance issue happens randomly. And i try to get in touch with customers in the time frame when the bad performance issue happens. But the world would…


SharePoint 2007 – Improve ASP.NET Session State performance

Hello @all, today i want to show you a nice fine tuning option for the ASP.NET Session. You all know the problem in each web portal platform that additional data need to be handled in your Session object, e.g. client side, server side. So we have two options of store temporary data in session object:…


sharePoint 2010 – Enable & using Developer Dashboard

Hello again, next question from TechEd: How to enable Developer Dashboard and how to use this? Enable / Disable over stsadm: stsadm –o getproperty –pn developer-dashboard get the current setting from developer dashboard (On |Off | OnDemand ) stsadm –o setproperty –pn developer-dashboard –pv “On” set the setting from developer dashboard (On |Off | OnDemand)…


SharePoint 2010 – StartPoint for training

Hello, today is my first day after TechEd Berlin and here you will see the answer of the most common question: What’s the Top-10 Features in SharePoint 2010? My Answer is now: Nice Videos from Richard Riley & Arpan Shah – SharePoint 2010 Top Features for ITPro (Duration 30 min) Topics: SharePoint – Best Practise…