Ist SharePoint 2010 & SQL Server 2012 – AlwaysOn Supported?

  Hallo @all, vor kurzem habe ich eine Unterhaltung geführt mit der Fragestellung: Ist AlwaysOn für SharePoint 2010 Datenbanken erlaubt? Mit dem folgenden Blog Post schreibe ich meine Gedanke zu dem Thema nieder. (Ich möchte an der Stelle festhalten, dass dies nur meine Gedanken sind und kein Offizielles Support Statement von Microsoft Support darstellen.) 1….


Office 2010 + SharePoint 2010: Service Pack 1 available

  Hello @all, on 28th of June 2011 SharePoint/Office product group published Service Pack 1. Please be aware that all your office product should be updated, so please don’t forget SharePoint Designer. Client: Microsoft Office 2010 Blog: Description of Office 2010 SP1 Download Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2010 32bit – Link…


SharePoint 2010 JuneCU 2011 available (+ side effect info & solution)

Hello @all, in my last post I wrote SP1 release, download and installation info. On the same day, product group publish JuneCU 2011, which run on build level: 14.0.6106.5000. KB 2536601 – SharePoint Foundation 2010 – Download  KB 2536599 – SharePoint Server 2010 – Download After installing JuneCU please run: SharePoint Configuration Wizard or “psconfig…


SharePoint 2010 – OctoberCU 2010 Side effect detected

hallo @all, in the last days the SharePoint product group post important information on the blog regarding SharePoint 2010 octoberCU 2010. The SP2010 octCU2010 is build level: 14.0000.5128.5000 and consist of WSS Full Package: KB 2394323 and  MOSS Full Package KB 2394320.   Please read the two following post: Critical Information about the SharePoint Server…


SharePoint 2007 and Internet Explorer 8 – side effect with Sign-in As different User

Hello @all, in the last weeks I could see a side effect with SharePoint 2007 and Internet Explorer 8. We publish a KB with 3 different workarounds as solution KB 2435214 – SharePoint 2007 and Internet Explorer 8 has problems with “Sign in as a different user” does not clear ASP.Net Session object Symptom: In…


SharePoint AugustCU2010 available

hello @all, yesterday the SharePoint Product group publish the AugustCU 2010 for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. The AugustCU contains more than one KB/Hotfix/Patch so that i suggest to install only the ueber package to simplify the patching operation. (ueber package include all other patches)   SharePoint 2010 AugustCU 2010 has build level: 14.0000.5123.5000 KB…


SharePoint 2010 Patching/Upgrade (Part 2) – Which Patch-Level/Build-Level is installed & what’s their history?

Hello @all, after publishing the first Patch level of SharePoint 2010 (JuneCU 2010) i get some question regarding a new view in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. There we can see the current Patch level  of each SharePoint server and of the whole farm. As little introduction into SharePoint patches lets define some basics: 1. After…


SharePoint 2010 – JuneCU 2010 released

Hello @all, [update 12.08.2010] last night the SharePoint product released the first cumulative update for SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately this  JuneCU 2010 has no ueber package. So we need to install these single Patches: KB 983497 – MSPS – Download KB 983319 – MSPS – Download KB 2182938 – MSPS localized (Japanese language)- Download KB 2281364…


SharePoint 2007 JuneCU 2010 released

Hello @all, last week the SharePoint product group publish the JuneCU for 2010. The Cumulative Update has build level 12.0.6539.5000. WSS Uber – MOSS Uber – Regards Patrick