Advanced Maintenance for SharePoint Databases – Defrag, update index

Hello @all, this post is an addition of my last post of: How to defrag sharepoint databases In the past I’ve seen some environment which have a really high load over the whole day. Doing maintenance tasks like backup, running search crawls and defrag SharePoint database need to be done on a very small time…


SharePoint Performance Troubleshooting – part 2

Hello, after publishing performanceTester in my last post Sharepoint performancetester identify your bottlenecks, lets get started to troubleshoot performance issues. In solving performance issues i could identify different places of bottlenecks. These places are inside your IT infrastructure. One of my colleagues is always saying: “Lets paint a picture” and in performance troubleshooting it’s display…


SharePoint PerformanceTester – Identify your bottleneck / bottlenecks

Hello, today i want to publish my next tool “PerformanceTester”, which I used in the last time to troubleshoot performance issues. The main problem i had is always: performance issue happens randomly. And i try to get in touch with customers in the time frame when the bad performance issue happens. But the world would…


Install SharePoint 2010 without internet access

Hello @all, during last time i get the question, how to install SharePoint 2010 without internet access. I can completely understand the pain and here we go: it’s possible to install SharePoint 2010 without internet access. As mean requirement for Sharepoint 2010 we have Windows Server 2008 x64 on SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2…


MOSS2007 next Cumulative Update FebCU2010 available

Hello @all, with build number 12.0000.6529.5000 the product group shipped the next cumulative update. Ueber Package: FebruaryCU 2010 WSS Full Package: KB 978396 – Download Link MOSS Full Package: KB 978395 – Download Link Note: the MOSS KB article is coming soon but the binaries are available under “Download Link” Regards Patrick