SharePoint AugustCU 2009 ueber package is available

[update 02.10.2009] - AugustCU is back online. the new Build Level is 12.0000.6514.5004

[update 17,09,2009] - AugustCU was pulled out of a regressions.

Hello @all,

last night the product group completed the creation and tests of the august CU ueber packages of WSS and MOSS and publish the packages.

KB Download Build number
973400 WSS ueber package 12.0000.6514.5004
973399 MOSS ueber package 12.0000.6514.5004

Inside the AugustCU we have a new stsadm command: MigrateGroup. We all know the nice feature to migrate users using:

stsadm.exe -o migrateuser -oldlogin <NTSHAREPOINT\Jsmith> -newlogin <NTSHAREPOINT\bway> -ignoresidhistory

In the past it was not possible to migrate AD groups, now the time is ripe to migrate AD groups too:

stsadm.exe -o migrategroup -oldlogin <Domain1\groupA> -newlogin <Domain1\GroupB> -ignoresidhistory

kind regards


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