MOSS 2007 Service Pack 2 details


in may one week the MOSS 2007 Service Pack 2 will be available. The SharePoint Product Group announced the publishing date, it's Tuesday, 28. April 2009 Redmond time. That means for regions like Europe, Fare East and Australia it will be available on Wednesday, 29. April 2009.

Additionally some details of the SP2 are available on other Blogs.

In this post I will only show you some highlights from SharePoint Support view: (Please check back on 28. April when all binaries and documentation is published.)

The Service Pack 2 has been tested for the whole Office Suite and is supported for Internet Explorer 8.

Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows 7 and Windows Server R2 will all be supported upon their release.


Some Details of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP2 and MOSS 2007 SP2:

  • A STSADM command line that scans your server farm to establish whether it is ready for upgrade. It's no difference to make a "Build to Build" or a "Version to Version" Upgrade. From Support view it's best practice recommendations to run first the scan command before you install a Hotfix, Service Pack or the next release. In case the scan command fails, then you have a chance not to run into a complete Server Down scenario.
  • SP2 offers support for a broader range of Web browsers.

  • Substantial improvements to Forms-based authentication.

Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Server R2 will be supported on their release.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  • increase performance and stability of content deployment and variations feature

  • A new STSADM command-line utility has been added that enables a SharePoint administrator to scan sites that use the variations feature for errors.

Excel Services

  • Several rendering, calculation, and security issues have been resolved.

  • Some display issues have been addressed.

  • Improved compatibility with Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Forms Server

  • Memory requirements and the page load times for large browser-rendered forms have been reduced.

  • Browser rendering of various controls, such as the 'cannot be blank' asterisk and the rich text field has been improved.

Search Server

  • Improvements to the reliability and stability of very large corpus crawls.

  • Backup-restore has been improved.

  • A new command has been introduced to the stsadm.exe tool that lets a SharePoint Administrator to tune the Query processor multiplier parameter.

  • Improved accuracy in searches involving numbers.



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