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SharePoint Product Group released 4 new KB articles on 27th March:

    • 956450.EN-US.KB.2.0 - The CustomListView rule in Pre-Upgrade Checker can warn that customized list views that will not be upgraded

    • 956451.EN-US.KB.2.0 - The CustomFieldType rule in Pre-Upgrade Checker in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 can warn that customized field types will not be upgraded

    • 928169.EN-US.KB.2.0 - You experience various symptoms when you use SharePoint Portal Server 2003 on a computer that has an antivirus scan engine installed

    • 953130.EN-US.KB.3.0 - How to configure SharePoint Server 2007 and Excel Services for Kerberos authentication



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