WSS 3.0 upgrade to Search Server 2008 or sEARCH sERVER eXPRESS 2008

Today i get a question from my colleague. "Is it possible to upgrade WSS 3.0 to Search Server or Search Server Express 2008 on the same machine?"

After some research I found the answer: Yes, it's possible. (Link)

But, as next I get the question: "May it's possible to bind WSS 3.0 to Farm1 and bind Search Server 2008 to Farm2? (WSS 3.0 and Search Server is installed on the same Box)"

Answer: NO,

Why: Search Server and WSS are part of the Office Server platform.That platform has tools in the 12-Hive folder like psconfig and stsadm. Psconfig is used to bind/join WSS or Search Server in a farm. In psconfig it's not possible to select WSS to join in farm1 and Search Server to farm2.

The limit is you can bind/join one Office Server installation (including WSS, MOSS, Search Server,... all on one box) only to one farm.

I hope that help for further research.



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