FileStream set-up + PowerShell Load + Full Text Search Demo …

I have just put here (see attachement) an english version of the second part of the demo I did the 2nd of October for the SQL Server 2008 Launch. Video (in french but with the full demo) can be seen here : fr

This demo consisted on three parts :

  1. setting up a filestream table and database

  2. loading it with media (videos and text) files stored on a directory using a powerShell script

  3. creating a full text search index on the text doucments

then I was able to demonstrate :

    1. File streaming of video files

    2. Full-text search on textual files (including .txt, .docx, .doc, .pdf - corresponding iFilter installation is needed for this part to work)

For video files, I am sure you can find any on your disks.

For text files, you can find great books here in electronic format :

Here are some sample full-text search requests you can issue on documents store using the FILESTREAM mode :

  • Files wtih the word "Paris"FS 1

  • Files with the words "fenètre" and "fenêtre" (aka window)FS 2

  • Files with the words "église" and "church"FS 3

  • Files with the words "fenêtre" and "church" with several weights     FS Req FS 4


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