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Some well know things for some of you, some things to remember or discover for others :

Databases are the heart and soul of many enterprise applications, and it is very essential to pay special attention to database programming. I've seen in many occasions where database programming is overlooked, thinking that it's something easy that be done by anyone. This is wrong.
For a better performing database you need a real DBA and a specialist database programmer, let it be for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 or whatever! If you don't use database specialists during your development cycle, databases often end up becoming the performance bottleneck. I decided to write this article in order to put together some of the database programming best practices so that my fellow DBAs and database developers can benefit!
Here are some programming guidelines and best practices, keeping quality, performance and maintainability in mind. This list many not be complete at this moment, and will be constantly updated. BTW, special thanks to Tibor Karaszi (SQL Server MVP) and Linda (lindawie) for taking time to read this article and providing suggestions.

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