Bli med på webinar om Prosjekt- og Porteføljestyring onsdag 28. mai!


Delta på dette 45 minutters korte webinaret for å høre Project guru Jan Kalis presentere UMT360 sin løsning på toppen av Microsoft SharePoint og Project.

Om UMT360

UMT360 is a leading Enterprise Portfolio Management solution that digitalizes investment planning and controls across business and IT portfolios to deliver the transparency needed to make smarter decisions and drive performance. UMT360 builds on top of SharePoint and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project.

Hvorfor delta?

Unlock the power of SharePoint to host advanced and leading solutions for Enterprise Portfolio Management that will help you justify SharePoint as a business investment and seamlessly adding advanced solutions like Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management.

Om Jan Kalis

Jan is a Microsoft Project veteran and Director of partner network and product management in UMT360 (a Microsoft Project partner) and has more than 20 years of multi-country experience in the IT industry – as he says “It was a great ride on the top of IT wave from a dial-up modem to business critical services in the cloud”. Before joining UMT360, Jan worked for Microsoft - the Corporate headquarters in Redmond and European regional offices in Prague and Dublin. Jan has been involved in many Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) deployments, created many product and training sessions as well as demos for Microsoft PPM, owned the Microsoft PPM competency; has been a valued speaker at Microsoft events across the world. Jan has published 6 books (5 of them on Microsoft Project), has two master degrees – in business and in engineering & microelectronics design. You can follow him on Twitter @MeetJKalis and on his blog . In his spare time he is an avid photographer


Tid: Onsdag 28. mai, kl 10.00-10.45.

Sted: Lync, Lync invitasjon er vedlagt

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