Bli med på webinar: Your Client Business with Windows 8.1

Your Client Business with Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 is an optimized client operation system, which supports both classic PC´s and modern touch devices in the same way! Upgrading your customers to Windows 8.1 presents a huge opportunity, if you can show them the value and reduce their reservations. This training will enable you to do precisely that. Register now to learn more about how to sell Windows 8.1 with added value for your SMB customers:

  • Value of Windows 8.1 for your customer – make it easy

  • Windows 8.1 UI

  • How can you increase business with Windows 8.1 and additional services

  • Licensing news and options

    and much more.


    Påmelding:  Your Client Business with Windows 8.1

    Dato: 28. april

    Klokken: 18.00



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