Webinar: Learning Management for SharePoint 2013

Learning Management for SharePoint 2013


Microsoft sin partner Elearningforce leverer Learning Management for SharePoint 2013, og ønsker å etablere seg i Norge ved hjelp av våre SharePoint partnere.

Vi har derfor gleden av å invitere dere til et webinar for å bli bedre kjent med selskapet og deres løsning.


Meld deg på her: SharePoint LMS 2013 launch webinar July 2nd


Litt om Elearningforce:

There is a high demand for LMS solutions based on SharePoint. The right SharePoint partner in Norway will have a unique opportunity to make a very interesting business case, with a profitable business plan and a chance to differentiate against their competitors. Elearningforce produce and deliver the leading SharePoint learning suite in the market, and our sales strategy is to build a channel to go to market. We have sold 200+ SharePoint LMS installations world wide (typically larger projects with 5.000-20.000+ users, and lots of consulting opportunities). We have strong Microsoft relations and last year we won the ISV partner of the year award. Today we have partners in 40 countries, but currently none in Norway.

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