Forandring i MPN support fra 1 juli


Fra 1 juli stopper email support til partnere. Telefon support blir kun tilgjengelig for partnere som er sertifiserte. Partner Support Community tilbyr generell support og mer informasjon om forandringene.  I tillegg finner dere nedenfor typiske spørsmål og svar.


Microsoft Partner Network Support FAQ

  1. 1.     What's changing with Microsoft Partner Network Support

Beginning July 1st, 2013, email support will be phased out for all partners, and phone support will be limited to partners with competencies or Microsoft Action Pack subscriptions.   These phased out support options will be replaced by an RSC agent-supported forum in the Partner Support Community.


  1. 2.     What is the Partner Support Community?

The Partner Support Community is an online support forum that is accessible to all Microsoft partners with an active membership.  In this community you can post questions and also see questions and answers from other partners.  The community is accessible 24/7 and available in 11 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese).


  1. 3.     Why are you making these changes?

We are committed to continually improving our support options and ensuring partners get answers to questions quickly. The new support community is not restricted to business hours, giving partners the advantage of 24/7 support.


  1. 4.     When will these changes occur?

These changes begin on July 1st, 2013.


  1. 5.     How can I get answers to my Partner Network questions

 There are numerous ways for you to get fast answers to your questions


  1. 6.     Microsoft Partner Network portal:

 Microsoft’s single location for partner related information. Here you can view the most frequently asked questions about Partner Network membership.

  1. a.    Virtual Chat: An automated support agent designed to answer commonly asked questions


  1. b.     Partner Support Community: Access the support community to get answers to questions about your Microsoft Partner Network membership. A Regional Service Center agent will respond to your question within one business day. You can also search the community to see if your question has already been answered.


  1. c.    Live Chat (Partners with competencies or Action Pack subscriptions only)


  1. d.     Phone (Partners with competencies or Action Pack subscriptions only)


  1. 7.     What is changing with email support?

Email support for all partners is replaced by an RSC agent-supported Partner Membership forum in the Partner Support Community.  In addition to 24/7 support access in the community, we have received feedback from partners that they would like to view questions asked by other partners as well. As a result, the online Partner Support Community will replace the email support option. 


  1. 8.     Why can’t I see the telephone number or live chat options anymore

Phone support and live chat options are limited to partners with competencies or Microsoft Action Pack subscribers


  1. 9.     How can I call someone in Partner Network support?

If you have a competency or an Action Pack subscription, click the “Contact Microsoft Partner Network” link on any page on the partner portal. Click the phone icon to access a telephone number to contact your Regional Service Center. Alternately, you can click the live chat icon to connect with a Regional Service Center agent online.


  1. 10.  How can I share my private information in the Partner Support Community?

In the Partner Support Community you have the capability to request private communication with a Microsoft resource within a forum.  This will allow you to share your information confidentially.




































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