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Partner Skills Development Update

March 2012


Her finner du en oversikt over alt som finnes av partneropplæring på SQL 2012, om du jobber som utvikler, selger, konsulent, hos en ISV, LAR, SI, Disti eller Hoster!



The SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event happened March 7th but don’t worry if you were unable to join the 66K attendees – the event lives on. The latest news, announcements, presentations and demos will stay online for 90 days post-event. Use the link provided to attend at your convenience.

General availability is fast approaching so it’s time to get ready to talk to customers, brush up on everything that’s new in SQL Server 2012,  and be ready to leverage opportunities with our enhanced database platform, BI and developer tools. This update is to ensure everyone is aware of training available now.

Training titles below have been organized by Sales & Licensing and Technical, with partner-type and role-specific titles noted. Note that the learning paths are updated as new titles become available, so bookmark the links and check back often!                                         

In February, we provided links to the new certification exams and training from Microsoft Learning (MSL).  This month we have licensing assessments, a new sales title and additional technical courses hosted on Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), an excellent new resource for IT Pros.  See the “What’s New” section below.

What’s New

Get ready to sell. Sales and licensing specialists – now available: Assessments to test your knowledge of the SQL Server 2012 SKUs and licensing. Think you know it? Be sure you are giving customers the right information by review the training materials and then testing yourself. You will find the training courses and corresponding assessments below:

  1. Volume Licensing Assessment: Getting Started with SQL Server 2012
  2. Volume Licensing Assessment: SQL Server 2012 Product and Licensing Overview
  3. Volume Licensing Assessment: SQL Server 2012 Pricing and SKU Overview
  4. Volume Licensing Assessment: SQL Server 2012 New Migration Rights

For sales professionals selling to enterprise, we now have an Oracle compete course,

Compete to Win with SQL Server 2012: Oracle Application Platform in OLTP.

There are five new SQL Server 2012 courses now available on Microsoft Virtual Academy. This is depth technical training, with courses having multiple modules.

  1. Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Analysis Services and Credible, Consistent data: Learn about the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 that will provide you with Breakthrough Insights into your data. You’ll learn about Self-Service Alerting, Reporting and Analysis Services and Power View and how to integrate SQL solutions with other Microsoft technologies like SharePoint and Excel.
  2. Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Reporting Services and Visualization: This course takes a deeper look into the technologies in SQL Server 2012 that will help turn your Business Intelligence in true Business Analytics using advanced technologies like Semantic Models in Analysis Services and Data Analysis Expressions.
  3. Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Scalable Data Warehouse and Beyond Relational: This course will teach you when and how to use symmetrical multiprocessing vs. massively parallel processing and how to use columnstore technology to revolutionize your data warehouse query performance.
  4. Cloud on your terms with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Scale On Demand What is the best platform for your solution, is it on premises, in the cloud or is a hybrid approach the way to go? This course explains the factors you need to consider and guide you to the solution that is right for you.
  5. Mission Critical Confidence using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : This course explains the security and reliability features of SQL Server 2012 that allow you to create dependable Mission Critical Applications using AlwaysOn, Availability Groups and other High Availability enhancements.


Learning Paths

Updated Learning Paths – role-based to help partners find training suitable for them. The SI path has been updated with MSL’s instructor-led courses and exams.

Scroll down for a list of on-demand training available now in the Partner Learning Center

Sales & Licensing (On Demand)

 1. LAR General Overview suitable for LAR sales specialists and licensing specialists: 
 SQL Server 2012 Licensing Overview for LARs

LAR Licensing series (saved search) for 4 modules below

 Learning and Readiness Resources for LARs (portal page)

2. Distributors: SQL Server 2012 Licensing Overview for Distributors

3. ISVs: SQL Server 2012 ISVR Licensing

4. SPLA partners: SQL Server 2012 Overview for Service Providers and SPLA

5. All other partners: SQL Server 2012 Licensing Overview for Partners

There are Partner Academy Live sessions for BDMs and Sales professionals now available on-demand in the Partner Learning Center, with two sessions that focus on opportunity:

 And four in the APU (Application Platform University) series:

 For partners selling into SMB, we have the first in a 3-part series of sales training for SMB:

SQL Server 2012 in the SMB Market: Key Opportunities to Stimulate Sales Growth


Sales (Partner Academy Live Sessions now On Demand)

 Tech 100-200 (On Demand)

 We have three mini-course (saved searches):

  1. SQL Server 2012: Technical Overview for BI Consultants
  2. SQL Server 2012: Technical Overview for Database Administrators
  3. SQL Server 2012: Technical Overview for Application Developers

that include the following titles:

For BI Consultants:

For Database Administrators & Developers:

 For Application Developers:

 Technical On Demand, Hands-on-labs Online

The following Virtual Hands-on-Labs in the PLC have been upgraded to Release Candidate:


 SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit contains labs, demos, and presentations to help developers learn to develop database and BI solutions using SQL Server 2012.

Technical Certification
Microsoft Learning (MSL) has updated exam information for SQL Server 2012.  Those exams and preparatory courses (beta) with links have additional information on MSL’s public site:





Transition your MCTS on SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012: Part 1



Transition your MCTS on SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012: Part 2



Transition your MCITP: Database Administrator 2008 or MCITP: Database Developer 2008 to Data Platform on SQL Server 2012



Transition your MCITP: Business Intelligence 2008 to Business Intelligence on SQL Server 2012



Querying Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

5 days


Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases

 5 days


Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

5 days


Developing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases

5 days


Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft® SQL Server® SQL Server 2012


Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

5 days


Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

Learning Paths

SQL Server 2012 (Product)

System Integrators






Other Resources

Virtual Launch Event

SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit

Tutorials for SQL Server 2012 

RTM Now Available

SQL Server Migration Assistants:

Download of the SSMA for Oracle

Download of the SSMA for Sybase

Download of the SSMA for MySQL

Download of the SSMA for Access

Learning Snacks (MSL)

Snack 1: SQL Server 2012: Mission Critical Confidence

- Required 9s and data protection
Blazing-fast performance
Organizational security and performance

Snack 2: SQL Server 2012: Breakthrough Insight

- Rapid data exploration with stunning visualizations
- Consistent data
-Credible data

Snack 3: SQL Server 2012: Cloud On Your Terms

-Scale on Demand and Greater Interoperability
- The Ability to Extend to Any Data, Anywhere

Questions? Contact Brigitte Hayes


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