Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 – Hot and Not med Partner Technical Service



Partner Technical Service arrangerer 3 sesjoner om hva som er Hot eller ikke innen Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. Se mer detaljert informasjon under


MERK: Kostand for dette er 2 Partner Advisory Hours. (Dette er en fordel som tildeles partnere i MPN med Gold/Sliver status, eller Network Members med Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design abonnement. Mer informasjon om, og kjøp av Advisory Hours gjøres ved å kontakte


This series of Partner Readiness Webinars are a Microsoft Partner Network and Microsoft Technical Pre-Sales and Advisory Services initiative. The goal with this program is to educate our partners about the value of Microsoft’s solutions, and thereby increase the product knowledge, to that you as a partner can create new solutions, which increase customer satisfaction.


Why this kind of webinar:

The last many months we have seen several trends in different areas in Microsoft Dynamic Global Technical Support Center (GTSC). Therefore we would like to share with you Hot and Not recommendations so you as a partner will be able to avoid getting in trouble.


The focus in these webinars will cover the technical aspect of the product. We will during these webinars ask for your daily challenges and try to see if we are able to cover the subject. We might open up for “guest presenters” in the application domains, if there is a need for it. This can have an impact on the agenda for the future webinars


Title, Part 1

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 – Hot and Not

Date and time: 1-December-2011 – 16:00 to 18:00



  • Latest releases (hotfixes) and recommendations
  • Performance recap:
    • Changes and recommendations in later versions/builds (classic client)
    • Performance on RTC
  • Office integration: Hot issues
  • Outlook Synchronization
  • SMTP and required hotfixes
  • Three Tier and double impersonation
  • Q&A


Title, Part 2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 – Hot and Not

Date and time: 26-January-2011 – 16:00 to 18:00, please book the date.



Will Follow


Title, Part 3

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 – Hot and Not

Date and time: 29-March-2011 – 16:00 to 18:00, Please book the date.



Will Follow


These Web Seminars can be booked anytime via the Microsoft Partner Learning Center via:
There will be deducted 2 hours of the Partner Advisory Hours per company, not per person.

Location: Microsoft Lync (after registration you will receive all the necessary information for participation ->option how to participate).

Language: English – native Scandinavian languages can be used in the Q&A sessions.

Level: 200-300

Target Group: Developers and Consultants that are working with NAV at Partners

Questions: Western Europe registration support,, phone: +44 (0) 870 850 9442

Other Information:
PTS: Partner Technical Services (PTS) is one of the advantages for members of the Microsoft Partner network.  Our Partner Technical Consultants are here to help you be successful in the sales and deployment phase of Microsoft products. Read more about this service!

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