Private Cloud – A Journey Part 1 (from a PFE point of view)

A few weeks back I was in Las Vegas! Attending the MMS 2013 Summit.

After attending the keynote and given I have seen most of the demo's before that were
displayed during the session, I am still impressed by what you can do natively in the Microsoft
technology stack.

On a more serious note, Microsoft are not announcing anything “New” per say during
this week, However I really do think that is a good thing.

I know that sounds strange especially when I have travelled across the world to
be here but I don’t consider it a waste of time!

Here are my thoughts on it…

If you keep setting your sights on the horizon you can lose focus on what you
actually need to do... and to me that was the core message from the keynote
this morning.

We heard that yes there is new stuff coming and it will be disclosed in due course
but for NOW, TODAY…. Use Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 and
start putting the investment in NOW for the long term.

Things are changing, lifecycles are now a real thing in an IT Pro's life and they need
to be managed. If you don't embrace what is here now, how can you expect to achieve
the spectacular gains cloud based systems can offer.

Yes! this is a complete mind set change, if you think even in terms of release cycles for
Microsoft Software roughly every 3 years we got something new (give or take),
for an enterprise you might do an OS refresh every 5 -8 years maybe even longer
depending on the software.

Now translate this to what the future will hold (and in some of MSFT cloud services
already exist) we are now at release cycles of every 3 - 6  months with new features (E.g. Azure, Office
365), think how this will affect your business....

How are YOU going to make sure the applications within the enterprise are ready?

THIS is what I mean by start now, don’t wait... use the technologies available now and this WILL prepare you for the

It takes time and investment but the journey will be worth it.....

Remember: A Cloud is only a cloud when you meet the core attributes of a cloud J otherwise it is just a pretty
fantastically optimized datacentre!

In the coming blog posts we will be discussing some of the key decisions you must
take for move to cloud based infrastructure! We will also provide you with Free tools to help you
understand the journey in more detail.

Make no mistake this is a complicated journey but WE are here to help

Please see our next blog post to figure out the next steps for you!





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