Windows 2008 File Servers using a large amount of memory

Recently i have come across alot of file servers which have a large amount of in use and because of this are slow. When you investigate the task manager you see that there is little or no services taking up RAM but yet you are hitting the memory limit. The next step for me was…


Updated Lync Patching Guide V1.1

I just updated it to include devices and clients   here is the original link to the first post where i have uploaded the doc


Powershell Script – Lync Dump Address Book From SQL Database

i have had lots of address book issues the last few days and put together this quickly (and i know there are cleaner ways of doing it!)   basically it probes the sql backend server dumps out what information the update-csuserdatabase populates from AD This for me anyway gave a stepping stone to figuring out…


Lync Patching Guide v1.1

just updated the guide to 1.1   i have added devices and clients in…..   hope it is useful for you!     Patching Document For Lync Infrastructure V1.1.pdf


Powershell Script – Cleaning up your hyper-v environment after a lab

so this is part 2 this will….   1. enumerate the VM’s on the system 2. turn them off 3. delete them 4. enumerate the virtual switches 5. delete them 6. delete the VM Storage Location (it will prompt you for the path) this should leave your system nice and ready for the next lab…


Powershell Script – Deploying Exported VM’s for training labs

In my previous job i had to deploy a lot of labs, and since i worked full time in there i didnt really both with beginning to automate the process, well i dont have the time anymore so i need to start 🙂 this is part 1 of the script which will deploy the lab…


powershell – checking exchange 2010 queues using WMI

just in case you are not allowed open remote powershell or something like that, here is a quick way to collect the information via WMI from a remote computer…     # Setting path to servers.txt file for input later on…$inputfilepath = $env:USERPROFILE + “\Desktop”$inputfilename = “servers.txt”$workingfile = $inputfilepath + “\” + $inputfilename #does the…


powershell – check your free disk space and warn below a threshold..

here is the basis of a script you can use to generate an alert using send-mailmessage or via ops manager or something! when disk space is below a certain threshold… enjoy!   $freespacethreshold = 17 # Setting path to servers.txt file for input later on…$inputfilepath = $env:USERPROFILE + “\Desktop”$inputfilename = “servers.txt”$workingfile = $inputfilepath + “\”…


Powershell – Export your print configuration from registry

I was asked to produce this script for follow up checking of driver versions later on or possible settings which can cause problems.   The idea would be that a master file is updated on a website and then we can reference this in the script to pull it down and process for the latest…


Powershell – Lync Map a SIP User to the IP Address it came from

i need testers on this one…. please try it if you want and let me know the results…. basically it will discover what sip users are registered against the particular FE server and report on its client version / sip address and the originating IP address.. can be helpful if you want to identify multiple …