Some thoughts about SharePoint 2013 Host-Named site collections

Last week I visited a customer and came across a very common misconception when it comes to host-named web applications. Lots of people think you can only have one web application on port 80 while you can actually have as many as you want as long as you are dealing with host names. Let’s consider…


XLIFF files: the very basics

Want to have a very basic idea about how do these XLIFF files you can export for your pages in SharePoint 2013 Variations sites look like ? Let’s start from a target variation site where the My-demo-page has been propagated from the source variation:   This is how the page looks like in the source…


Playing with variations in SharePoint 2013

I recently had to deliver a basic demo about new features for Variations in SharePoint 2013. This was a very basic demo, and as I had a very limited timeframe to demonstrate these features, going to the list of Timer Jobe defintions for my demo application, and manually hitting the “Run Now” button for any…


Failover farms by using SQL Server log shipping: some important reminders

I have been working lately on a few projects implementing failover farms fro SharePoint 2007. Amazingly, I encountered a few obvious supportability issues while reviewing the the failover process for each of these projects. The first one, and again it might seem obvious, concerns the configuration database. The failover process documents were just mentioning “log…


SharePoint 2007 HTML Editor Issue

I recently came across  a problem with the HTML Editor in SharePoint Server 2007. An error message appears when editing text. The error message displayed is: “RTE_ToggleEnableShortcuts” is undefined. The patch level of the MOSS environment was12.0.6331 The “RTE_ToggleEnableShortcuts” can be found in the ***_HtmlEditor.js file located under the “\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\LCID” folder in the 12 hive….


SharePoint 2007 and General Network Errors

I observed lately quite a lot of General Network Errors occurring on a few production servers at some customers. I have been performing some checks on various environments and it looks like these errors are widely distributed among servers in various farms. Multiple Error entries appear in the Application log of all SharePoint servers of…


SharePoint 2007 Local vs. Global deployments

Technorati Tags: Sharepoint,Development,Deployment Solutions are deployed in one of two ways: either locally or by using a timer service. This applies both to new deployments, as well as to deployments of solution upgrades. Both local and timer-based deployments can be triggered either by using command-line instructions or programmatically by using the object model. Local deployments…


MOSS 2007 databases corruption

I lately came across a situation where one of my customers suffers from corruption in the production MOSS content databases, most likely due to some SAN related corruption issue. This corruption was only discovered after several weeks, and unfortunately the earliest usable backup dates from weeks ago. On top of this, the transaction logs that…