I made the jump to Windows Live Spaces

There is a lot of information and random thoughts on this blog, but it’s time to move on. I think the new blog is working alright and there’s a lot more to do to get it up to the high standards of Hal and Mike, but I’ll try. I don’t plan to update this blog…

Sharing the Cockpit of your Favorite Aircraft

We have had many people lament that they cannot use the shared cockpit feature in FSX multi-player with their favorite add-on aircraft. The problem has been that third parties did not have the information on how to pass custom variables used in their C gauges from peer to peer. Susan has written a blog post…


Microsoft ESP

I was going to post about Microsoft ESP but after reading Phil’s post I’m not sure I can add much value… I guess I’ll give more examples that might help you understand the opportunity. We have received e-mails periodically from people that wanted to start “location based entertainment” businesses using FS as the base technology….


We Need an Aircraft Developer

We have opened a position for a developer to help us make the best aircraft we can for the next version of Flight Simulator. There are several people in the community that can build great flight models, and if any of them can code and expand our platform as well, we would really like to…


Becoming a Beta Tester

With all the great screenshots of FSX Accleration being generated and shared on various forums, a lot of users are inquiring about getting onto the beta program. First of all, it’s too late for FSX Acceleration. The beta for Acceleration will be shut down soon, so there isn’t any point in joining it. If you want…


Acceleration Screenshots

Just thought you might like to see some screenshots from the final bits of Acceleration. The beta team gets to run the final code as part of their participation and we are allowing them to post screenshots from that final version. Check it out! http://www.flightsimworld.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=128136


Thank You to Acceleration Partners

Although this information is quietly and publically included in the credits (under the help menu “about” section) I want to call out the great work from the companies and individuals that created content for Acceleration or contributed to helping us do the same. Captain Sim created the exterior model for the F/A-18a which looks absolutely…


We’re Done!

Acceleration is now done (the English version and we have 7 more languages to get out the door) and my stress level has dropped to very reasonable levels! This has been a great project with some ups and downs, but mostly just ups. I’m very proud of what we have created and I really believe…


Reno Day 5

I’m a bit late with this, but Sunday’s racing was awesome. It was touch and go that racing would continue for the weekend at all, but thankfully racing continued. The highlight of the day was the Sunday gold unlimited final and the match-up of Mike Brown in 232 September Fury racing against John Penny in…

Reno Day 4 (Saturday)

Just a quick note to say that we are getting a great reception at the Reno Air Races. The multiplayer races being run every hour in the “public” booth are full every time with a crowd watching from the sidelines. I have primarily been working in the VIP area, but I went to the public…