Crazy World

Or maybe the world just has some really crazy people in it...

So I'm following a friend of mine out of the community I live in at 6:00 am (on the way to the airport for my trip to Reno) and when we get to the front gate I see a motorcyclist walk out to the car I'm following. I figured maybe he had a problem with his bike or something so I'm semi-patiently waiting. Then all of sudden he punches the driver (or the side window - as it was hard to tell).

Considering I know these people and the driver is a woman as well, this really pissed me off. I considered running him over, but I decided not to before I actually hit him (probably just as well although he did look a little concerned). So he slams his fists onto the hood of my car then comes to my window shouting at me to stop following him. I basically told him he is crazy (and clearly he is). I had my window open and I really expected he would throw a punch at any moment, but he didn't. Maybe the potential of being run over made him think twice about it.

Anyway I called 911 and my wife to make sure people knew there was a lunatic by the gate. I have to say I was pissed off for hours after that.

What a strange morning...

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