FSX Acceleration in Private Beta

Many beta testers are already aware that we have entered our beta testing phase, but some may not be aware. If you are a beta tester for us, then please visit the beta forums and participate. We look forward to your feedback.

If you're not a beta tester, I appologize for leaving you out in the cold on this one.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:


    Kinda new to this so it may have been asked before.

    Is there a list of Aircraft and or missons ect that will be in Acceleration ?

    I’m now really hanging out for it



  2. Hi Paul,

    I’ve been away for awhile (doing some 6000 km’s on the motorcycle), and haven’t visited FS blogs/forums much. What a quiet world it can be ! *grin*.

    Since the first news on the expected add-on (now Acceleration) was all about air races, I quickly lost interest, to be honest. Just not my thing.

    But now ! Now you’re talking helicopters… and carriers….. now THERE’S something to look out for. Now I’ll have to download the new beta after all, eh? 😉

    Will try and fit it into my busy schedule… heck, vacationing has a LOT of pro’s !! 😉


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