Customizing Shift+Z Information

I’ve been meaning to blog about this forever, and now I finally will. In FSX we implemented the ability to customize the information shown at the top of the screen when you press “shift+z.” In the [CONTROLS] section of fsx.cfg there are headings of [TextInfo.1] [TextInfo.2] [TextInfo.3] and [SlewTextInfo.1] [SlewTextInfo.2] [SlewTextInfo.3]. These sections define what will be seen each…


Rounding the Pylons in Reno

After getting back from Arizona I returned to work and kicked off a build of the X-Pack. While I was away I missed the launch of SP1 into beta and I missed the new P-51 engine tech being checked in. So I grabbed the files and built the product, then proceeded to try it out….


Sedona in a Jet Ranger

I got back from vacation in Arizona earlier this week and while in Sedona, we took a tour in a Jet Ranger. The pilot was very good, but a bit gruff. Not a lot of humor coming out of this guy… I told him I had 100’s of hours in a Jet Ranger in Flight…