Phil’s Comments

I want to thank Phil for posting in public forums and interacting with the community with answers to questions. I think it’s great. I’m also going to go out a limb a tiny bit (as I occasionally do) and comment on the target to increase perf by 20% with SP1. If you carefully ready Phil’s comment…


Sailplanes at Minden

Today at work 5 of us flew a 100km FAI course near Minden Nevada and had an awesome time. Brandon and I were battling it out the whole time and he beat me by just a hundred feet or so. Generally sailplanes are kind of slow and peaceful, but both of us had a pretty good…

Checking in

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything on this here blog… The farm my wife and I purchased has occupied ALL of my free time in that I go there on weekends, and when home, I’m taking care of parenting duties. I used to have a little time to do stuff, but not lately….


P-12 Standing on its Own

A couple days ago my Dad got the P-12 standing on its own feet. It’s a big deal when the airplane is standing on its own and I’m proud to see it this way. My Dad certainly deserves the pride that he is feeling. I sat in the cockpit for awhile doing some hangar flying,…


Some Wild Flying Today

Every once in a while we have an all ACES meeting to update the team on what’s going on and show some demos and such. Today was such a day and I must say I had a lot of fun. Brandon and I were demoing some of his hard work flying together in multi-player from…