A couple new FS bloggers

Mike Singer is  now blogging and you should check it out. He was an integral part of the mission creation process for FSX and wrote most of the voice over scripts and helped us keep the designs realistic (where desired). He is an instrument rated pilot and I think he has a 737 type rating as well (just for fun). He is as much a hardcore FS junkie as many of you and is a part time air traffic controller on the VATSIM network. http://informationmike.spaces.live.com/

Brett Schnepf is the leader of our community team and is pushing to expand the limits of FS at every turn. Check out his blog here. http://mavyryk.spaces.live.com/

You'll be seeing a new blog from Hal as well very soon, and supposedly one of designers Brandon is talking about starting a blog too. I like the spaces.live blogs, maybe I'll switch over...

Maybe the blog draught is over!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And again an ACES team member has entered the world of blogging, this time it is Mike Singer . Also it

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