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There's always more progress going on with the P-12. My dad is fitting the gear and continuing work on the corrugated control surface skins. It's pretty cool seeing it on the gear, although I know it's going to come off again to fix some oil leaks in the oleos, get some paint, and fit the fairings.

I contacted a professional test pilot named Dave Morss and sent him some pictures of the project. He's a great pilot and has flown a lot of airplanes. He also races at the Reno Air Races every year. Here's his website http://www.ksql.com/myriad.htm. Although the P-12 won't be ready for test flights for awhile, I figured that if I were a test pilot, I would like to see the aircraft before it's finished so I could see the construction details, so that's what I'm inviting him to do. The last thing I want to do is roll it up in a ball on it's first flight with my family watching, so even though it will be a bit expensive, I think having a professional put it through it's paces will be a great investment.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Paul…

    Could you tell something about upcoming sp1 for fsx …?? when to download ? how is progressing work on it?  any news on dx10 patch?? any news about FSX???  three months away and so?

    I`m little disapointed about your`s (ACES) "community open"… there is several blogs of Aces, but there is nothing than silent… only You are the one (thank`s a lot) who take care of it sometimes…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Phil has promised to talk about SP1 on his blog sometime this month, but I don’t know when. Considering he is running that effort, he is the best one to comment. I wouldn’t expect anything this month as it hasn’t even gone into beta yet.

    As for DX10, it will be considerably longer than SP1 as it’s a major overhaul to get it all the way we want it.

    Send a comment to the FSinsider website (there is a link on it) and express your disappointment with the state of blogs. You could do the same with the fsideas e-mail alias.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey do you have any pictures of your project?  Do I understand correctly that you are working on a P-12C?  I think I know what that is but could you bring me up to speed?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank`s Paul for your fast replay.

    Don`t be angry for me or for others people who was thinking and gets some hope that new community open brings some fresh and continious dialog with ACES about our`s hobby ….but as you see all the blogs are ….  (except yours`s .. I`m really greatful for that Paul)..

    so… please don`t stop informing us about ANY news , info , discover or something else about new version.

    You should know that everyday many people checking your`s blog for anything new…


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