Helicopters in FSX

I’ve been meaning to post something about this for awhile and kept forgetting to do it. I saw a thread on flightsim.com that reminded me, so here goes. There have been a few hardcore helicopter enthusiasts that don’t like the new easier to fly helicopter model. I think we did the right thing making the…


FSWeekend Day 2

After a nice taxi ride with a very friendly driver that also acted as a tour guide we arrived at the Aviodrome right on time and I was greeted by Franz who organizes FSWeekend. Franz is a hardcore FS enthusiast, cockpit builder and on-line pilot with his club of dedicated simmers. He walked me through…


FSX Review by SimHQ

There have already been several previews and reviews of FSX and I rarely call them out in this blog, but I just read through this review and I thought it was very thorough, takes us to task where we have issues and praises us where I think we did a great job. I really think…


FS Weekend Day 1

After a fairly long drive in a taxi to Lelystad airport I entered the Aviodrome. The venue is wonderful with vendor displays and end user setups intermixed with vintage aircraft. Mishca and Susan made me feel right at home, and everyone was very friendly and helpful. Once the laptop was setup and working in the…


Post on Avsim from Phil Taylor

If you are interested in what the ACES perf team is doing, you should read his post and the various responses. http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=121&topic_id=368340&mode=full


Hello from Holland

I spent the morning with my daughter watching cartoons and playing some rousing Sponge Bob games, I dropped into the office for about an hour to wrap up a couple of things before departing for the airport. It was pooring rain and traffic was gridlock on all freeways, so I nearly missed my flight. After…


Vista and DX10 Perf?

Many have asked what Vista will do for perf both with and without DX10 hardware. Considering Vista isn’t final yet, we don’t actually know what perf will be like on the final version. There are users running FSX on Vista and I don’t think they are seeing any perf gain by doing so, but I…


Patches or no patches?

We are working on the top issues end users are having with FSX with teams of people dedicated to solving the problems at hand. When exactly we will have something worthy of distribution is still unknown, which is why we aren’t promising anything right now other than the commitment we already made regarding the DX10…


PC Gamer

The last few days before departing for this trip to Holland, I was working on a small strategy guide for PC Gamer covering several missions in FSX. I hadn’t played any missions for several weeks as I have been working on other secret stuff, but it was fun replaying the missions in question, working out…


FS on Xbox?

Speculation abounds about what our intentions may be with the Xbox 360, so I thought I would address some of my thoughts on the subject. First off, we have no plans to move FS to the Xbox. We have been a PC title for 25 years and our technology reflects this heritage. That alone isn’t…