New FSinsider site up

The beginnings of a great new fsinsider is up courtesy of our community team. In the past this site was owned by marketing. Now it is owned by our own team and we have big plans for it. Check it out and be sure to send feedack with comments, questions or ideas for FSX or for the site to the feedback link.

This is just the first step in some really cool things the community team plans to do. You should also start to see a lot more activity on forums now that the site is up and running.

Comments (3)

  1. P-12C says:

    Congrats on your success in the Monsoon, for awhile we had that mission with 1/8 mile visibility and I had a really hard time landing it then, but it’s still a challenging approach.

    For bugs, you can always us, or you could send them to the feedback link in the fsinsider post.

  2. New site looks great and I think it is a good development having the FS team run it !

    Thanks !


  3. Anonymous says:


    I love Flight Simualtor X – the missions are epic!

    (I managed to land the 747 in the monsoon so feeling very smug!) – But quite can’t manage to land the helicopter on the building top yet!

    However, I’ve spotted a bug with the scenary in a specific area of the UK – can you let me know how I can report this please? – I’ll happily send you as screenshots etc.

    Thanks for great product!


    James (England).

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