Thank you Brandon!

Now that I've gotten that last political rant off my chest (there are more waiting btw) I must say that we will miss Brandon while he takes his required time off work. For those that don't know, CSG's at microsoft (contingent staff or what is commonly known as temporary workers) are not allowed to work more than 9 or at the most 12 months before they must take 100 days off. Having been a CSG in the past I can tell you how difficult this is for the individual that needs the work and wants to do it. It's also difficult for the team to do without great assets for such long periods of time.

Brandon was instrumental getting the missions in FSX done and designing and implementing them to a high quality standard. Some of the favorite missions of our beta testers were his babies. Lately he has been instrumental in some prototyping work and helping flesh out some concepts we are working on.

I look forward to his return after 100 days so he can pick up where he left off! I'm sure he will grow into a game designer to watch in the future.

Thanks again Brandon!

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