Racing Reno Style!

Reno is just around the corner and I can't wait. I love seeing the warbirds take to the course, and walking the pits with all the passionate crews working their butts off to have a fast and healthy plane.

If you haven't ever gone to the Reno Air Races, you're missing out on a one of a kind event. Even just going for the sound of the aircraft is worth the price of admission, which is exactly why Dave our sound guy is come along as well 🙂

I'll be there Thursday the 14th through Sunday the 17th and fly back on Monday, so if you are going, and see me walking around with a Flight Sim shirt on, stop and say hello!

I'm sure I'll be working on design documents every night while there as I have some deadlines to meet, but I'll try to get some blogging done too.

Comments (3)

  1. kack911 says:

    Hmmmm…ACES Sound Engineers recording such things as P-51’s, P-38’s, Bearcats, Typhoons, and Hurricanes?

    And you’re working on design docs too?

    Sounds like a hint if I’ve ever heard one!

    A Reno addon for FSX? A return to CFS? My little imagination is running rampant…


    Nick Landolfi

  2. tdavart says:

    I’m wondering with the mission capability in FSX, would it be possible to program waypoints so AI aircraft can actually fly the course? That would be a hoot!


    PS- See you at Reno 07 with the Team 51 Mustang (provided everything goes as planned).

  3. P-12C says:

    I’ve checked out the Team 51 Mustang site awhile back, I didn’t realize you would be racing this year. I’ll make a point of finding your pit.

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