Do we have a launch yet?

Not quite yet, but we are sooo close.

We are in the process of looking for a release candidate that passes all of our tests. Basically we fix the big bugs, do a build (which takes all night) then create DVD's and test it like crazy. IF we don't find more big bugs, we release it to manufacturing (RTM). If we do find a bug we must fix, then we do the whole thing over again.

We're almost there!

Comments (5)

  1. Good luck to you !!! Hope you do NOT find any more big bugs !

    Kind regards,


  2. gotoguy says:

    Looking forward to the FSX release!!  I hope you find as many bugs as possible so the sim as I receive it will be as bug free as possible.  I’d rather wait for a more completed, better performance product.

  3. pem227 says:

    I understand that you are close to RC1 and that some of the most recent bugs identified on the forums may not be corrected in time for release.

    Given the new open dialog between Microsoft and the user community I’m hoping that there will be more opportunity to release patch updates for FSX than has occured in the past. You’ve already mentioned quarterly api updates so it would be great to see some of the post launch bugs getting squashed in the same manner.


  4. P-12C says:

    Well we will have the DX10 update nearly next year…

  5. MacKuen says:


    Please take your own good time. We are all keen to see and work with the relase version. But the horrible vision of CFS3 keeps flickering in the shadows…

    Hang in there to meet your own lofty standards of excellence.

    Take care.

    Mike MacKuen

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