P-12 pictures posted in the gallery

I just posted a bunch of photos of the P-12 my father has been building over the last 20+ years. The images span a wide time range covering about 18 or so of those years. You can find the gallery here. There are far more images that I haven't posted showing many of the details of the construction, but there isn't room for all of them.

I will also be posting images of the boat we are restoring and snapshots of Flight Simulator stuff.

I have limited space for the gallery, so I may have to rotate images on and off to free up space.

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  1. tgibson says:


    Nice pics!  Looks like a fun project.  I can’t do much with my hands – that’s why I work on FS.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care,

    Tom Gibson

  2. marcin says:

    Hi ..

    one question , It`s getinng boring to search everyday new information about FSX…. tell us cleraly- IF WE WILL HEAR OR SEE ANY NEWS ABOUT FSX BEFORE E3????

    I thing you can answer to this…


  3. OwenHewitt says:

    Great to see this project aircraft, Paul!  I especially liked the shot of you guys testing out that engine – wow!  I hope the truck you had attached had the park brake set. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To Mr. marcin – I’m sure the marketing team has a plan of action on when/where information is given.  If my memory serves correctly, this is the earliest out of any of the previous FS versions that we’ve been allowed as much insight so early on.  They’ve given an inch, but you want a foot.  I’m sure more and more will be trickled our direction as they get closer to release.  I suggest continuing to enjoy all that FS 2004 has to offer – there are a steady stream of high quality add-ons that are well worth exploring.


  4. marcin says:

    Yesss thank`s Mr Owen …like always you are defender of anything with regard to ACES…:))

    I just yoking , I know that marketing plans are very important… I want to have cleraly said …yes nothing more until e3 or stay tuned before e3 for more ..that`s all !!! is that too much?


  5. OwenHewitt says:

    Marcin, I understand your enthusiasm about FSX – I too am as anxious about anything I can learn about it as well.  You may be putting yourself in a lighthearted joking manner, but it does appear to be quite demanding in delivery.  All I’m trying to say is don’t put so much heat on these guys who graciously give us tid bits of information via these blogs – they are obviously as excited about FSX, or these blogs wouldn’t be published.  In time, I’m sure there will be much more ground to cover – it’s quite some time before the end of the year. ๐Ÿ™‚  Maybe they are waiting on E3 to supply any other details – who knows – but I’m certain when they do, it will be widely publicized.


  6. P-12C says:

    Cool, a little debate on my little blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    We love enthusiastic users and I know it’s difficult to curb your enthusiasm when asking questions. No problem, just realize most of us have little or no say on how we market the product or how that marketing plan plays out over time.

    When we were in the final video capture session for E3 yesterday I asked our marketing person the same questions. I wouldn’t expect much of anything until E3 (which isn’t far away), then it will start to flow a little faster or more frequently and will increase in volume until we release.

    We are being tight lipped simply because we want to make a big splash at key times and in key places. If we all blab too much, we could hinder our ability to do that.

  7. marcin says:

    Thank`s Paul that`s what I want to know.


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