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I'm sitting in MS Studios which is a full featured production studio on campus watching Jason Waskey do his magic capturing great shots of FSX in action. It's very cool.

I don't know if you'll ever see any of it unless you go to E3, but maybe it will be released to the public some day (not my call).

One of the guys that works here is a huge IL-2 fan and a FS fan as well. He's been very politely asking questions about what we are doing in FSX, and of course we have to give pretty generic answers. At least he gets to see some cool stuff though.

It should be my turn to do some flying soon, so time to go.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With E3 in full swing news about the upcoming Flight Simulator X release is starting to filter out of…

  2. deltanovember says:

    Well I hope you get to do some flying soon.

     I just have to say how refreshing it was to see

    your "I love this job" entry. I think it admirable that you consider your Blessings for

    what they are, and are thankfull for them.

     Re; The newest FS old is she? Never

    too young, eh?

     I had one of my greatest blessings…my four

    year old granddaughter..seated on my knee a couple of weeks ago, as I was checking out the

    FS related sites.  She asked to watch a movie.

     Now as I don’t have any movies on my laptop I

    did the next best thing and played an FS video.

     I chose one made by Nick Albion featuring the

    FSDZigns excellent LO49 Connie. The video has

    some very beautiful, and haunting music in the

    background, celtic I think.  Anyway, she was

    glued to the screen for the duration of the

    video, saying things like…that sure is a pretty airplane, grandpa.  She’s quite the little gear head.LOL

     As the video finished she turned and looked up at me and said "Grandpa", with kind of a

    questioning tone in her voice. Expecting a

    question about the Connie or video, I said

    "What is it Sweetheart"?

     She replied in a very soft small voice…"I

    don’t want you to die!"

     I hugged her very tightly as I choked back the tears…and I felt very Blessed indeed.

     Good luck to you, you seem a fine young man

    with his head screwed on straight.

     And thanks for sharing with us.

     God Bless


  3. robruce says:

    Looking forward to some more cool shots on your insider site – especially for those of us on the other side of the Pacific who cannot make it to E3. Hopefully we’ll see previews of some of the new aircraft interiors.

  4. P-12C says:

    Denny, that is a wonderful comment and very appreciated!

    I am paranoid about giving out details about my child as there are so many stories about freaks preying on kids through the internet. Mine is very young and doesn’t really know what the internet is yet, so there probably isn’t much to worry about, but I’ll still probably be over protective anyway.

    We recently went through a period of discussing death a lot. We had a great grandmother pass away, a dear dog, and then a horse, so the cycle of life was a topic that kept coming back over and over again. Tough lessens life throws at you sometimes.

    Thank you again for your kind words.

  5. P-12C says:

    Robruce, where are you from on the other side of the Pacific?

    As for the interiors, I have recently been congratulating the aircraft team on how awesome the panels and VC’s look, but it’s unlikely you will see them very soon as there is still a lot of work to be done on them.

  6. robruce says:

    In Queensland, Australia. Paul

    I look forward to eventually seeing the new cockpits – someday – especially if they parallel the developments in scenery and the new external aircraft models.

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