Lobotomy Flashback

Yet another flashback to my past, this time from a longtime friend and ex-Lobotomite Tom.

When I left Nintendo it was to start my own company, which I founded with two friends. The company name was Lobotomy Software and we created console and PC games. We operated for about five and half years with some critical success, but no real financial success. We eventually had to close the doors when two potential projects fell through and a bunch of employees whom had reached the ends of their patience jumped ship (and I can't blame them a bit as it was getting pretty bad).

Anyway, this is a link to a Powerslave fan's site that has a portion of their website dedicated to some Lobotomy information. If you click on the Lobotomy Logo near the bottom it goes to one of the many magazine interviews we had the pleasure of doing.

I will write a post-mortem sometime and link it as an article. The slow and miserable death of the company and some of the relationships within it was so painful I have avoided writing about it. I've gone through all of the postitive and negative Lobotomy events and various decisions I made during that time a thousand times in my head, so maybe writing about it will help put it to rest.

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