FSX Interview Posted

I would have thought you guys would be all over this, but I don't see much action in the forums yet, so here's a link to the article on flightsim.com.

It's an interview with our studio manager Shawn Firminger which I think you will find interesting.

Comments (4)

  1. JayCee says:

    well, at least now I know I’ll have to buy that dual-core CPU

    and still waiting for the first DX10 video card to show up – but apparently so are you guys

    but why should we trust you ? These blogs are notoriously unreliable (dixit Flightsim)

    but great fun anyway :-))

  2. P-12C says:

    No reason to trust me, especially when we can’t actually tell you specific details until later anyway.

    But the buck stops at our studio manager.

  3. jrrogers says:

    Great interview, but it all seems like such a big tease.  I’m most looking forward to seeing what has been done with ATC and the AI traffic.  As a former aircraft developer for Project AI, I’m looking forward to seeing if FSX will be able to smoothly handle the quantity of AI aircraft that addons such as Ultimate Traffic can throw at it.  If FSX is as much of an improvement over FS2004 as FS2004 was over FS2002, I’m sure I won’t be looking back once I get my paws on a copy.

    I’m glad that I finally found this world of blogs and I’ll be keeping a close eye on them as the year goes by and the release of FSX draws closer.

  4. P-12C says:

    Well marketing is a big tease you know.

    You won’t get the detailed information you are seeking until a version is released for an official media review, which would probably be shortly before or even after the product is released.

    The information that is released will probably be more focused on significant new features, not so much improvements to existing features.

    But what do I know, I’m not the marketing team. 🙂

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