I Love This Job

I'm a lucky SOB and I know it. I thank God everyday for the blessings in my life, and I honestly prayed for this job everyday for one and half years while I was unemployed. Okay, I didn't exactly pray for this specific job, but one that involved computer entertainment and aviation, and that's exactly where I am!

I really love this job and I try not to take it for granted. The moment I start doing that, it will all go to hell in a handbasket.

I'm not just lucky to have this job, but I'm blessed with a wonderful wife and child, a great place to live, healthy parents that I get along with and love dearly, and a close relationship with my brother and his family. I hear about people that don't have these blessings and it just makes me cherish them all the more.

So I am doing everything I can to stay blessed and from a work perspective that means shipping a kickass FSX on time and following it up with awesome products that I can't tell you about!

Sometimes it helps to put thanks into writing and broadcast it to the world, so that's what I'm doing.


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  1. marcin says:

    HI Paul..

    It`s nice to know that everything with you and your family is fine …

    One qestion.. you said : shipping a kickass FSX on time and following it up with awesome products … let me be clear.. you mean any MS TEAM PRODUCTS ( ADDONS, UPGRADES )? ,OR THIRD-PARTY PRODUCTS ? if you could be more precise please..?


  2. P-12C says:

    I can’t be more precise as we don’t directly discuss any products that haven’t been announced. In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I am working on product design up to 5 years into the future, so that can mean a lot of things 🙂

    I’m not referring to third party products as I’m not working on any of them. I do know that the third party will be prepared for the launch of FSX though, so hopefully your favorite add-ons will be ready when FSX hits the streets.

  3. I am with you there Paul.

    When I was ‘made redundant’ after 30 years of hard work and loyalty (don’t you love that expression??), I finally did what i should have done all my life.. follow my heart and start a company that has to do with aviation, PC’s, gaming (read: flight simulation), writing and photography.

    It is SO much more fun working on something you have a passion for….. much more productive, and much more rewarding.

    Of course, with the current bad economic climate and all the enterpreneurs risks invlved, also so much more difficult….. but what the heck !!! 😉


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