What happens when clicking on the "More" tab in Outlook 2013 when searching emails

When searching for emails in Outlook 2013 using Instant Search the returned results may be limited. By default, 12 months of your email is available offline, but you can control how much mail is kept offline. In order to improve performance of the Instant Search feature in Outlook, by default the search results list is limited to the most recent 250 items that match your search query in Outlook 2013. Below the search results you will see Showing recent results… followed by More.

When clicking on the More tab the search query switches to using Exchange Search and no longer uses the local search. There is a 250 cap limit set on the Exchange Search side so the search results will be limited to 250 items even though there may be more items on the server related to the query. This cap is set at the Exchange side for performance reasons.

If you have an Online Archive mailbox attached to your Outlook 2013 profile the search queries are performed by the Exchange Server. Outlook doesn't create a local copy of the archive mailbox on a user's computer, even if it's configured to use Cached Exchange Mode. Users can access an archive mailbox in Online mode only. You can tell the mailbox is in Online mode by viewing the Status Bar at the bottom of Outlook.

Comments (2)

  1. Doak, I have one query. Not related to this search scope. But related to office 365 and Sharing of calendar.

    Do we have limit of having shared calendar in Outlook? I know there isn’t any such restrictions but at some point outlook will stop syncing calendar entries and we have to Uncheck the download shared folders to make shared calendars in online mode so that entries
    should sync. One of my customer was having more than 20 shared calendar in one particular profile and he was having 3000+ entries in each shared calendar. Do we have any sync documentation where it is written that we should not have x amount of shared calendar
    in outlook profile?

  2. Doak [MSFT] says:

    There is not a "hard" limit on how many shared calendars can be added in Outlook. But there are Exchange limits related to folder and item counts which will cause calendar entries to stop syncing. I would recommend looking at the users Sync Issues folder
    to get an idea into which folder/calendars is causing the issue. The link below has the session limits.

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