“The Server Stumbled…” or “We all have bad days”


So…. you wanted to open the Windows App Store, huh?  You click on the little store thingy


But…instead of the of the Windows Store you get this:


“The server stumbled”?  What does that mean?  What do you do next?

Well you also might see an error code like 80072EFF or 80072EFD or 801901F7, and if so… we’ll fix it like this:



1. First let’s make sure that Windows Update is running.

Right-Click your Start Menu icon and select Run.


Type Services.msc in the Run dialog box.



In the Services app scroll down to Windows Update.  Verify that Windows Update is set to Automatic (Manual may not solve the problem in some cases).


Double click Windows Update to get to Properties.  Change the Startup Type to Automatic.  Click Apply and then click Start to start the service.



Close all open diaglog boxes and try the Store again.  You should not have to restart your computer.  If the same error occurs, hop in place on one foot for 7 minutes while holding a rabbit (see note*), and continue with the next steps…

2.   Enable TLS 1.2

Right-Click your Start Menu icon



Click on Settings.

Screenshot (26)


Click on Network & Internet.


In the Network & Internet window scroll down and click on Internet Options.

Internet Options

In the Internet Options click on the Advanced tab.

Scroll down and place a checkmark in Use TLS 1.2

Click OK.

Use TLS 1.2

Close all open diaglog boxes and try the Store again.  You should not have to restart your computer or sacrifice a goat.

Until next time!



*hopping in place while holding a rabbit is completely optional, rather unnecessary, and utterly silly.




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  1. ryan says:

    Thank you!

  2. Rajib Mandal says:

    Rabbit ate the mouse

  3. Anggara says:

    thanks,that’s very helpful

  4. ahmed orabi says:

    thanks a lot ,, you are great !!

  5. LEKSHMI says:

    It works..thank you!!

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