Windows 8.1 Store Apps Won’t Open (Or Close Immediately) when logged on as a domain user. Make it stop! (Updated 3/14/2015)

“MAKE IT STOP!” was the subject of the e-mail I received yesterday from a customer who was incredibly frustrated with an issue on his new Windows 8.1 laptop.

Have you ever seen this?  You click on an app you got from the Windows 8.1 Store and it won’t open? You click on the app, but the app simply reloads the Start screen.


(Actual closing behavior not pictured because reasons!)

This is apparently a not uncommon issue if the permissions for the "All Application Packages” group have changed in the registry or to specific folders.  These changes to the registry can be caused either by User action or by a Group Policy that has been applied to a domain joined machine.

How to fix this:

(1) Open the Registry (REGEDIT)

Check that the All Applications Packages group has READ permissions to each of the following registry paths.



This shows that HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT has READ Permissions for the All APPLICATION PACKAGES group.  You’ll need to check this for each of the registry paths listed above.


(2) Open File Explorer



Open your OS Drive (C).


Then select the Program Files folder and select Properties.



In Program Files Properties select the Security Tab.


On the Security tab click on Advanced.

On the Advanced Security Settings for Program Files screen verify that ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES has Allow Permissions Read & execute for This folder, subfolders and files.



(3) If you are unable to make the changes to the Registry or the folder permissions to Program Files, it is likely that your issue is caused by a Group Policy applied by your Domain Administrator that prevents Windows Store Apps from launching.

You can verify that this is the case by running the following:

Open an Administrator Command Prompt from your Start button.


The following steps are Optional, and may not work if you don't have the Administrative tools installed. 

You might need to download the appropriate toolset for your Operating System.

Proceed only if you have the gpresult tool.  It is not necessary to complete this step to resolve this issue.

Type the following in the Administrator Command Prompt

“gpresult /h c:\gpresults.html” without quotes.


Wait until the Report is finished being generated.


Open the report location c:\gpresults.html


Your report will look something like the below screen capture.


Look for Computer Settings – Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings.  Check for both “File System” the entry for Registry.  If you have settings here then you need to talk to your Domain Administrator about what Group Policy Objects are being applied, and how you can get the All Application Packages group the proper permissions via the Group Policy Object.

Direct your Domain Administrator to MSKB Article KB2798317 to resolve this issue.

I’ll be updating this article over the next couple of days with additional troubleshooting steps.


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  1. Thank you very mutch

  2. Schuyler_Vazquez says:

    Excellent work David, I thought this explained and showed very clearly on how someone could fix this problem. It gives the viewer step by step instructions on how Windows 8.1 applications sometimes have errors and on how this simple task can be completed.

  3. milindsmart says:

    Awesome it works!

  4. Ed (DareDevil57) says:

    thanks for sharing.

  5. AFEM says:

    The /h parameter didn’t work. My PC is for personal use. The problems happens several times after a Windows Update. I always have to do a restore.

  6. Excellent article. Thank you.

  7. Ruben says:

    Holy crap that fixed it. Thank you.

  8. Don 1 says:

    Excellent. Just fixing the permission for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT fix my apps straight away.

  9. Peter says:

    As a pity, it does not work on my PC.
    Any other suggestions?

  10. Linda says:

    Brilliant!!! I have been looking for a workable solution for months and this worked perfectly!!! Thanks a million!!!

  11. alex says:

    My command prompt doesn’t seem to recognise gpresult /h c:gpresults.html
    I’ve tried with spaces shown, without, with some without some, tried 20 different ways! I’m afraid I’m stuck forever πŸ™

  12. Ramlan Indra Nugraha says:

    Thank you, working for me. πŸ™‚

  13. Dennis harris says:

    Many thanks. After many hours finally found the solution to store not opening with permission for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

  14. Todd says:

    problem with the admin command prompt – type in "gpresult /h c:gpresults.html" (without the quotes included) but get an error that says "ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage. Did great up until that point. Any help would
    be appreciated. Thanks

  15. Pakisa says:

    For the first time… Someone who knows what he is talking about !!! Nothing else on the web worked for me. This is truly Great Service – THANK YOU. One thing though… The command I had to put into cmd is not working, gives me an error /h inalid. In a
    nut shell, everything is working. Had to add ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES group to some registry locations – thank fixed it.

  16. Marcus says:

    buy this bloke a beer…. thankyou

  17. Emma says:

    It worked. Awesome. Thank you πŸ˜€

  18. wade says:

    I am the third person to say that the command prompt code gives me an error when I try to run with /h, can you address this issue please?

  19. Adrian. says:

    Did great until the cmd part. Did not recognize gpresult /h c:gpresults.html

  20. _ says:

    Thanks SO much!

  21. Nitin says:

    Thanks a lot dude it worked for me πŸ™‚

  22. Darren says:

    Finally, somebody figure this extremely irritating problem out. Worked for me on both my PC and Surface. The ‘All Application Packages’ User/Group wasn’t present. I had to press ‘Add…’ and then enter ‘all packages’ then press ‘Search’, add it to my permissions
    and then check the read box. Not sure how or why it got deleted in the first place though.

  23. adam says:

    My regedit does not have "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDRIVERS" Plz help. Also problem with the admin command prompt – type in gpresult /h c:gpresults.html but get an error that says "ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage.

  24. Ben says:

    Thanks for this. Didn’t work at first after all permissions were set to read. Noticed ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES was missing from the root key. Added it – all fine. Very grateful.

  25. Vlada says:

    I don’t understand what should i do, can someone please explain to me what to do.

  26. HELP ME says:


  27. help me says:

    please guide me on how to do gpresult/h thing.

  28. Kwabena says:

    trying to solve the issue with your solution, i found out that my "permissions for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT", had no "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" option, so i clicked on "Add", and created the option for myself, proceeded to check the read and full control boxes,
    and it WORKED!!!.. thanks.

  29. Polis says:

    excellent, you are genius!!!
    I was trying for a week to solve this problem

  30. trilobite says:

    Thanks, David. I have scoured many threads on the interwebs, each offering a multitude of possible fixes for the problem. I tried them all, with no success.

    In my case, I needed to add the "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" path to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT path in the registry and give it "read" permissions. That was the only path that needed to be changed.

    Your solution worked for me despite that I am not logged in as a domain user. I am the only user on my home desktop.

    I suspect that one of my software installations (Kaspersky is the prime suspect) modified the registry for its own purposes — the result: none of my modern apps would load.

  31. Mark says:

    gpresult /h c:gpresults.html it does not work so i can’t open any app..give error invalid argument..plz suggest.???

  32. mike says:

    I can’t get the command prompt to work either. Any suggestions from the better informed? Thanks

  33. PatRick says:

    THANKS ! I’ve been trying to get my apps working for weeks, but this finally did it !

  34. John says:

    The gpresult thing doesn’t work work for me either same as mark

  35. Scott says:

    this didnt work.

  36. Jenny says:

    it didnt work for me

  37. Mohamed says:

    gpresult doesn’t work….windows 8.1 apps not working !

  38. sam says:

    Resetting permissions on the HKCR key managed to BlueScreen my device. please take a good image of your machine before attempting this.

    Is it possible that we could get a bit more detail about exactly what is referenced by the app in question so this can be repaired on an as needed basis?

  39. SMurmoo says:

    Thank alot!!!!

  40. Kari says:

    i cant do it, with cmd i get an error , i dont know what to do

  41. HELEN says:

    Didn’t work for me πŸ™
    I didn’t need to check gp as i know there isn’t any on this laptop – any ideas?

  42. HELEN says:

    Do i need to tick the box within PermissionsAdvanced – tick box stating:
    replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries form this object?

  43. Hernandez says:

    Thanks a ton, man, that’s work!

  44. Technika says:

    really it solved my problem too , finally feeling proud that I got to get windows 8.1 with full features

  45. Kaloyan says:

    Hey hey PLS HELP THE CMD PROMPT command doesnt work for me either PLS HELP !!! πŸ™

  46. AJ says:

    It didn’t work for me.

  47. Meer says:

    This post is very detailed and hopefully a graphical representation of one of Microsoft’s answer to this issue. But the solution is Very Very Simple. Just have a look.

  48. Bob Hyatt says:

    Did not work for me at all.

  49. Jackie Chan says:

    how do you do the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT thing caus when i open it all that pops up is
    Edit String text box

  50. Jackie Chan says:

    Never Mind the first one did nothing

  51. Jackie Chan says:

    okay so i tried the second one and it tells me that "/h" is not a command and to check what the other commands do

  52. Jackie Chan says:

    Okay so the question i asked just now is for the 3rd help not the 2nd

  53. Meer says:

    @Jackie Chan if you still dont know HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT thing just visit this link actually it solves the whole problem.

  54. Nissi says:

    God really helped

  55. Nissi says:

    God really helped

  56. Denitsa says:

    For those of that need the cmd command – try "gpresult /r" – it will display the same thing but not in a separate file.

  57. Mack says:

    I tried this method but unfortunately, when I tried to put the "gpresult /h c:gpresults.html" in the Administrator Command prompt, it says " ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage. Can someone help me pretty please? :"(

  58. Priya says:

    Okay I seem to be missing the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers registry :-/

  59. Bryan Cole says:

    Thank you very much. I recently installed Windows 8.1 with Update 1 and after updating and installing all the applications I wanted I was unable to open a majority of the windows store apps. After fixing the registry permissions, all is well. Thank you
    for this solution.

  60. MBS says:

    thank u so much

  61. Liam says:

    unfortunately didnt help me cmd didnt work

  62. nick says:

    why the *** will it not let me apply read to creator owner?? I like to take this windows 8 and show it up their ass

  63. Bruno says:

    the gpresult is not working. it says ERROR, invalid argument/option

  64. Ian Turner says:

    Hello, I found a fix… Start MSCONFIG and disable all services then reboot, then enable them again and reboot

  65. You says:

    didnt work!!!!!

  66. adam says:

    Sorry, neither the registry permissions nor the MSCONFIG reboot worked. Anything else to suggest?

  67. CMiles1979 says:

    This is for fixing the Store App…but it doesn’t fix the other apps, still looking for a solution…

    To fix this, run the following in a Command Window (CMD) to re-register the Store App:

    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.XML

  68. CMiles1979 says:

    [tag:update] also a solutions for the other metro apps

    To fix this, run the following in a Command Window (CMD) to re-register the Store App:

    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.XML

  69. CMiles1979 says:

    [tag:update] after reboot

  70. kim says:

    doesnt work πŸ™

  71. dinesh says:

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Its working πŸ˜€

  72. Eric says:

    Awesome, finally something that actually works. Thankyou!

  73. CD says:

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for this solution for almost one year. Adding "All Applications Packages" to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Registry solved the Problem.

  74. Max says:

    @David William – It Worked!!!!! Many Thanks to you

  75. Lawrence says:

    Didn’t fix it for me. Current settings match the settings noted above. Problem remains.

  76. Bob The Builder says:

    Yeah my command prompt – type in "gpresult /h c:gpresults.html" (without the quotes included) but get an error that says "ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage. doesnt work this is what it says

  77. hi says:

    hey ewjeblwebbw

  78. AdaH says:

    Did not work for me. All the permissions had the correct setting. Everything was working till the beginning of November. In the morning it worked and in the afternoon it didn’t. None of the apps work including the ‘store". Can not download books from the
    library because OverDrive Media doesn’t work either or the calculator. The apps will not connect to the internet even though I am connected via the desktop. ?????

  79. Peter says:

    My computer gave back the following error:
    ERROR: Invlid argument/option – ‘ /hc:gpresults.html’
    Could you help me?

  80. Chris says:

    Nothing works… Guess I’ll have to format.
    Thanks though

  81. Serena says:

    Please help!!! The command prompt you used to input is NOT working. Everything else was fine up to that point. Any other options??? Please respond promptly. Thank you.

  82. Wondering says:

    gpresult /h c:gpresults.html results in an error stating invalid argument option h.

    Nice try though.

  83. Sad for Dave says:

    Because Dave noted he would follow up back in July 2014 and has not, look at this to the correct the syntax errors he has included in his copy and paste blog entry.

  84. Robin says:

    It worked like a charm yesterday, then flipped back to the problem today and the problem continues even though everything checks out with the Registry. Now what do I try?

  85. Yvonne Craig says:

    I have the issue with the app’s flicking & not opening; takes me back to desktop. I’ve checked the permissions (followed the above). Everything is set to "read" for all folders, files etc. Then I went into the admin command prompt, typed the gpresults
    to generate the report. I keep receiving an error…it says "error: Invalid argument option". Idk what this means…so how do I proceed?

  86. adam says:

    This is super annoying

  87. Dina says:

    I don’t have "All pllications packages" please any other way?

  88. Unknown says:

    excellent solution

  89. John says:

    those errors from the gpresults are cause you need to run the CMD in admin and that will fix thoser errors

  90. Mgm says:

    My settings were correct so I changed a regedit reboot and changed back – fixed problem

  91. TimBartrum says:

    Mine is still not working. I got up to the step of putting this command in cmd: gpresult /h c:gpresults.html and then it gives me this message: ERROR: Invalid arguument/option – ‘ /h’ what does this mean? Please help, thanks πŸ™‚

  92. Mor says:

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  93. michele says:

    my command prompt code also gives me an error when I try it too… any suggestions on an alternative means to get the windows store back online?

  94. Michele New says:

    hey, posted earlier about the steps not working, but then I thought about it, it just needed rebooting for mine, for those of you who it didn’t work without reboot, maybe just try rebooting?

  95. Sunil says:


  96. Beau says:

    Found this:

    ‘Run As Administrator’ command prompt:

    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.xml

    worked for me.


  97. John says:

    Hey guys

    I spent days on this and finally disconnected my computer from managing my connections with homegroup and it fixed the problem !!

  98. Putut says:

    i did everything you said
    but the problem persist, i can’t seems to fix it
    but there is something wrong with my registry i thing
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers don’t exist
    should i e worried about this?

  99. Geoff says:

    Changing the permission on the registry made all the difference! I probably messed it up when I ran the registry cleaner this took me hours until I found your information. thanks

  100. pim says:

    I have the same problem as Putut. I too did everything you day, and the problem persists – and, like Putut, the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers, doesn’t exist in my computer (ASUS Transformer)

  101. aaron says:

    Okay so I think I may have found another possible fix to this problem. First, here are the details of what my issue was, since it seems like there are a variety of possible issues pertaining to this problem:

    Like everybody here, my metro apps wouldn’t launch. They would open and then close immediately after.
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT already had All Application Packages in the group and it already had Read permissions. I have no "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers" or any of those other folders on my machine at all either. The cmd prompt fix wasn’t working for me either because
    of the same error everyone else was having.

    I followed the instructions on this page:

    and was able to get the Windows Store back up and running, but this did NOT fix any of the other apps. It only fixes the Windows Store.

    After reading above that John was able to fix his problem by modifying his homegroup settings, I did some googling and came across some people saying that they think this whole fiasco may have been caused by some wonky settings that were accidentally applied
    to our computers through the homegroup.

    One of the solutions was to LEAVE THE HOMEGROUP. Anyone still having issues, please try to leave your homegroup and see if that fixes it.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me either. When I tried to leave the homegroup on my comp, Windows gave me an error saying it couldn’t remove me from the group. Then I came across this page:

    which tells you how to
    fix that problem. Check it out if you are unable to leave your homegroup. You’ll need to delete some files inside your AppDataPeerNetworking folder. I recommend temporarily copying them to a separate folder for safe-keeping, just in case this fix doesn’t work
    for you either.

    After deleting those files and following the instructions in that thread, I restarted my computer and bam! Metro apps are all back to normal!

  102. Jeff25 says:

    This did not work for me, but I’m sure it does others. I found a thread on a Corel install being an issue. I had installed Adobe CS5 a week earlier. One of the startup items that CS5 inserted was the problem. Do a search for clean boot for Windows 8 or
    8.1. I disabled the service that had Adobe CS5 in the title and that fixed it. Also for those that didn’t have the Devices registry entry, I didn’t either. When I updated my video device driver that entry showed up on it’s own. Might try uninstalling and reinstalling
    your video driver if that is your issue.

  103. John says:

    Or you can just uninstall and re-install the app in question. πŸ™‚

  104. Mohamed says:

    Woah!!! The first option worked for me!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  105. bart777 says:

    can’t believe it – it really works! Thanks a lot!

  106. mike says:

    Ok. Here is what worked for me. I had tried refreshing my PC 3 times, and it never fixed it. So I got out my restore disks and reformatted the drive to a completely clean install which is more or less what a refresh is supposed to do reserving your files
    such as video, photos, and documents. Other than that it wiped everything and some of my software has a limited number of installs before it becomes invalid and has to be repurchased, so I wasn’t happy. Once that was done I kept researching and found several
    people that said what they had to do was pay Microsoft $100 for the Pro pack and then add another $10 for the Media pack in order to get their apps to work. Irritated I finally broke down and forked out the dough, and it would appear that everything is working.

    I found a Win 8 Pro pack upgrade for $69 and then paid the $9.99 to get the Media pack upgrade, so I saved a little money because the 8.1 upgrade is supposed to carry forward the upgrades.

    I still haven’t done the update to Win 8.1 and to be honest and really gun-shy about it, so everything could go awry at that point but I’m making a system image, so I can restore it back to exactly the way it is now with everything working. This sounds extreme,
    and seems like a way to extort more money, but I tried everything else and it is the only thing that seems to work.

    It seems to me that Microsoft first created Win 8 and Win 8 Pro and then created the Win 8 Pro Media pack. Then for those that hadn’t installed Win 8 Pro or the Media pack they stuck them with a version of Win 8.1 that didn’t work saying if you didn’t upgrade
    they wouldn’t support your operating system anymore. The only way to get it to work was to pay them the money for the media pack but to get the media pack you have to buy the pro pack first. Yes. I feel cheated and ripped off, but considering the problems
    I have had with Microsoft over the years I’m not really surprised. Maybe some of you are but I’m not. I’m just glad I got this far. Now let’s see if it works when the 8.1 upgrade is installed.

    I didn’t see this thread before I did all this, but to be honest I don’t know if it would work or not. A bunch of people on this thread said the syntax on the command was wrong, and they couldn’t figure out how to enter the command correctly. If I’m not mistaken
    unless you have Pro you don’t have the Group Policy editor. At least if you do I couldn’t get it to launch. I’m not an expert, but I’m not a beginner either. What a pain in the ***…

  107. Franz says:

    is there already a fix for the gpresult html? still not working

  108. Andre`. says:

    The cmd admin β€œgpresult /h c:gpresults.html” without quotes.
    didn`t fix the problem plss HELP ME. it say that:
    it is not recognized as an internal or an external command πŸ™
    OMG plss help me.

  109. Andre`. says:

    The cmd admin β€œgpresult /h c:gpresults.html” without quotes.
    didn`t fix the problem plss HELP ME. it say that:
    it is not recognized as an internal or an external command πŸ™
    OMG plss help me.

  110. Midhul says:

    Access denied on admin command prompt..! πŸ™

  111. vin6 says:

    Bless you. Bless your house. Bless your offspring. Bless your damn goat.
    I work for a LARGE corporation, and our f@#$% IT guy couldn’t fix it. Please apply today πŸ™‚

  112. Parm46 says:

    Had this issue with multiple metro apps not loading. To fix, run the following command in a powershell window(running as admin):

    get-childitem c:windows -recurse | where {$ -eq "AppXManifest.xml"} | % {add-appxpackage -disabledevelopmentmode -register $_}

    that’ll get all apps working

  113. mike says:

    Thanks so much it worked
    i was trying to solve the issue with your solution, i found out that my "permissions for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT", had no "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" option, so i clicked on "Add", and created the option for myself, proceeded to check the read and full control boxes,
    and it WORKED!!!.. thanks.

  114. Fagun says:

    Not working for me πŸ™

  115. Spiro says:

    OK guys…another solution !
    Windows Update was the culprit ! Took 2 minutes.
    So…find Restore function and select date before problem manifested.
    Then Restore it to that date. Any programs or password changes after
    that date will reset. Go for it ! Now my kids can play their games again πŸ™‚

  116. Spiro says:

    Now…next… Block Windows Update "for a month" my IT Guru John
    says… Microsoft will fix the bug factor in the next few versions.
    He mentioned that programs and application problems are "99% caused by the Updates."
    May John’s clan thrive !

  117. saeed says:

    David thanks man, that fixed it … πŸ™‚

  118. Jonathandlm says:

    @Parm46: Thanks a lot! Your method worked for me. This way, no need to reverse and stop the updates.

    "To fix, run the following command in a powershell window(running as admin):

    get-childitem c:windows -recurse | where {$ -eq "AppXManifest.xml"} | % {add-appxpackage -disabledevelopmentmode -register $_}"

  119. RaiderWolf says:

    Found one of the registry groups did not have permission with my tablet, and corrected that. But still no improvement. though my issue is slightly different, the apps will try to load (They play the flip animation), but then immediately return me to my
    desktop while the app stays in the taskbar.

  120. maxi says:

    Very helpful and easy instructions. Thanks a lot!

  121. moeen says:

    didn’t work for my pc …. mine was working alright then all of sudden the apps wouldn’t open and it says remote procedure call failed

  122. Ujjawal says:

    Facing totally similar problem as RaiderWolf… tried everything

  123. jay says:

    Thank you! It worked!

  124. Ben says:

    This has now worked for me on three different machines. Thank you very much.

  125. DennisDrWho says:

    I tried some of the stuff above to no avail. We all wish Microsoft would fix this. Android apps don’t have this problem (more stable). So I’m new to windows 8.1 but. – The simplest solution is to delete your account and reinstall. At least this worked
    for me and is better than ever. I set up another user account with admin privilege in order to delete my account. Also when you delete you can save old settings & files (an option), so when restored all your old apps are restored but working now.

  126. rt says:

    Did not work

  127. moe says:

    Didn’t work at first, i restarted the computer and worked fine. Many thanks to you, cheers!

  128. rajesh says:

    Do i need to restart after this? Else not working for me…

  129. Peter says:

    Please the cmd prompt did show an error: invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. can some please tell me what that means

  130. sanshan says:

    thank you so help me a lot. just doing the step 1, it already fix the rest πŸ™‚

  131. Jakob3 says:

    Thank you so much you are genius. πŸ˜€

  132. junaid khan says:

    hello brother if you seen this message kindly help me my window 8.1 pro apps dosent work if i open store they will open and going to hide all apps work same i’ll trying all tips and tricks every thing help me about this…

  133. Abdillah says:

    Thanks a lot mate, it really works!

  134. Sebastian Garcia says:

    Ok, from what lamp did you came from? are you a genious or something?

  135. akib says:

    did not worked says its for 2000

  136. Stitchraconteur says:

    Thanks a lot, you saved me the grief of having to rebuild my laptop.

  137. Chaudry says:


  138. Kevin says:

    Not Working πŸ™ (ERROR) "/h"

  139. Denis says:

    thank you. the regedit fixed it for me.

  140. junaid khan says:

    command prompt not working with that command above your discription plz tell me another method

  141. Lynn says:

    Thankyou!!!! This worked!

  142. noomy says:

    its o ready allowed access but i cant lunch my apps i press then but nothing happens

  143. Ben says:

    I actually had to "add" the "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" user to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT path, it was missing completely. I believe this is related to installation of anti virus software, I have two computers that stopped working within a week of each other,
    right after installing Nortons Antivirus, and I’ve seen others mention other antivirus packages causing the issue. FYI you don’t need to give full rights to this user, just read rights.

  144. Chitez says:

    fixi the permission for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, i add the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES to permission and viola…
    my metro apps work like a charm :))

  145. Diana says:

    FuncionΓ³, muchas gracias. Llevaba meses con este problema.

  146. Lissfirefly says:

    All of my settings were already matching this, and my machine doesn’t have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers

  147. Melissa says:

    I get this error: "ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" now what? My apps still don’t work!

  148. HELP! says:

    My HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers path is missing. Can anybody help?

  149. LBV72 says:

    and i thought i did something wrong! Obridagada

  150. Andris says:

    Thanks man thats worked:)

  151. Andris says:

    Thanks man thats worked:)

  152. AM says:

    Thanks it worked!!!!

  153. cristi says:

    You are the best!

  154. unknown helper says:

    just restart computer hold down Alt and press f10 lot times and it will go into some kind of recovery mode the store will work, i think it un updates or something i dont know, it just worked for me

  155. Chele says:

    I looked, and all the things you said to fix were already in place on my computer. Any other reasons the same exact problem would be caused by?

  156. paul says:

    Install the latest update for 8.1 (3,6GB) and all problems solved. I tried everything said on this website and nothing worked.

  157. nhyira says:

    didnt work here……… extra help wil be apprecitated

  158. Atul says:

    Just added All Admistrative pacage in β€’HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and it Worked. I sincerely thanking this blog for the solution.

  159. stuck at last says:

    i cant find any Computer Settings – PoliciesWindows SettingsSecurity Settings…. also my report is not looking like yours…

  160. axay says:

    i can’t open my file explorer because of your command it’s not work

  161. coneweb says:

    /h is not working in samsung

  162. Zulfiqar Khan says:

    not working on my laptop. but i din’t understand your last step

  163. khaiser says:

    Sir thank you for posting about this issue. Everything was same as you showed above , there were no changes to be made but still the apps are crashing.

  164. Ken says:

    This led me to check our Windows 7 GPO to see what was set in Security SettingsRegistry and File System. Our issue was a number of Registry lockdown settings that were relavant to Windows 7 but broke Metro Apps when a Win 8 system was moved under the
    Win7 policy. In my testing I did not apply these settings and the Apps still function as they should. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  165. susan says:

    I also was missing the ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" to my HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT", so i clicked on "Add", and created the option for myself, proceeded to check the read and full control boxes, and it WORKED!!!.. Thanks a million!!

  166. paul says:

    I wrote last week that one should install the latest update (3,6GB) for Windows 8.1 which solved all my App problems. I created a restore point after the update and used the AVG PC Regcleaner and Regsolve to clean my computer. The result – old problem
    back and no Apps working. I restored to the created restore point after new Windows 8.1 update installation and everything working perfect again. It looks like the ”PC Cleaners” disturb the system settings and create the problem.

  167. paul says:

    axay, The problem with File Explorer is that you must remove the Windows Explorer icon and replace it with the new File Explorer icon. Windows Explorer does not exist in the new 8.1 update anymore.

  168. hpoik says:

    Thank you, it works!!!

  169. Dave says:

    Awesome! After hours of searching finally the RIGHT answer.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚

  170. azizah says:


  171. MARIETTA says:

    i have a window 8.1 laptop, it happen to me my store wouldn’t open it goes back to the front screen. so hat i did i turn my computer off and turn it back on and it work. another thing happen later through the week try to open the store again this time
    it gave me an error message then it said try later. i try everything everyone said to do it didn’t work so i left it alone. i try it for about week nothing. then all of a sudden my store open. i think its a glitch with Microsoft we just have to wait till it
    fix itself after you trouble shoot to fix the problem. mines working

  172. Steven says:

    anyone else notice in the picture a message says cannot load van until after murder

  173. sandeep says:

    thank u , very helpfull

  174. Prabhu Kumar g says:

    Works Fine !!! Thank you!!!

  175. billybobjoe says:

    everything was how it should be, except i didn’t have a file called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers in the registry. is that the problem?

  176. Asher says:

    Unfortunately, my camera still isn’t working, and I also had problems with the command prompt code. Any suggestions?

  177. Why want apps in my app store show pictures of apps that you want to see or check out. Open store but none of the apps have visual images.

  178. kk says:

    the command prompt said access denied

  179. kk says:

    the command prompt said access denied

  180. jen_desi01 says:

    I have tried every fix on here and to no avail. I have tried registry editor and have no driver file. I’m guessing that is the issue, what next? I tried command prompt and error. I click on the store and it flashes, I click on the mail tile and it flashes.

  181. Wina Yanti says:

    Thank you so much! It works πŸ™‚
    Finally my problem is solved!! πŸ˜€

  182. doomw123 says:

    if someone knows is there any place for screen settings it’s not opning it’s like the store problem help me please sand to this email any article or your ideas to please i need help with that fast

  183. Woo Hoo! says:

    It worked! THANKS!

    I needed to add the "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" path to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT path in the

    registry and give it "read" permissions. That was the only path that needed to be changed.

  184. - says:

    i am getting error with the command gpresult /h c:gpresults.html it is showing error:invalid argument/option /h r there any alternative for this

  185. Patrick Pitso II says:

    At the beginning, I opened regedit. And then right clicked and went to properties of H_ROOT whatever it’s called. And then all I saw was "EVERYONE" and "USER". I didn’t see ALL APPLICATIONS PACKAGE. I had to add it myself right there and then I searched
    for it right there. I click OK OK. and alla that. And then go to C:Program Files (not the x86 one). And right clicked, went to Security Tab, Advanced, and verified that Read, Access and Execute was enabled and for all Folders, SubFolders and alla that. I
    click OK in alla that. Next thing you know I get notifications from Asphalt 8, which was one of the Windows 8 apps I had installed a few months prior. I was able to play it. My Facebook now works again. My Games Store Works again.

    I have only tested a few, but it looks like my Windows 8 apps too are working again.

    I’ll admit, gpresult is not recognized by my computer either (Lenovo G580 with Intel Celeron). but oh well, I’m glad that my apps are working again.

    Still struggling. Email me:

  186. Sujay says:

    Awesome ..Thanks a lot

  187. Hubert Frosch says:

    I got stuck at step two. When i open the properties for Program File, on the security tab, there is no group or user names that say ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’ – can anyone help?

  188. Lemmor says:

    Thank you so much. It works!

  189. Charity says:

    I went through everything fine until the command prompt part as well. It gave me the same error others are getting with the question mark "type GPRESULTS /? for usage". I am not sure anyone gets answers here or what should I do? I am hoping someone responds
    somehow. The only way I have fixed this problem before was to restore my laptop to original state and all apps started to work. It has been 3 wks and now it is at it again. πŸ™ Help!

  190. Jos Ranger.. says:

    Thank you bro.. you are awesome..

  191. Jos Ranger.. says:

    Thank you bro.. you are awesome..

  192. tom says:

    Help man .. i type the thing in the cmd but it says ERROR: Invalid argument/option -‘/’. Type "GPRESULT /?” for usage .. send to my mail (,

  193. Mack says:

    Mine, the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES doesn’t exist at the permissions for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
    So I create it and set the permissions. Now all my Apps are working normally

  194. ahul says:

    the user does not have RSOAP Data

  195. k says:

    dont seem to have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers πŸ™ help!

  196. Kevin Cobley says:

    None of this *** worked, all of may apps still open minimised.
    The inventor of "Microsoft Apps" should be taken out and shot.

  197. Thanks Spiro! says:

    I had tried everything listed here and on other sites, pasting all of these things into cmd, troubleshooting, restarting, and NOTHING made a difference until I did what a commentor above suggested.

    "OK guys…another solution !
    Windows Update was the culprit ! Took 2 minutes.
    So…find Restore function and select date before problem manifested.
    Then Restore it to that date. Any programs or password changes after
    that date will reset. Go for it ! Now my kids can play their games again :)"

  198. Sudesh Mahato says:

    gpresults /h c:gpresults.html says ERROR: Invalid argument

    cant fine solutions. windows 8 not a friendly user.

  199. Fred Ecker says:

    Windows 8.1 apps not working. There was a problem with the curser going crazy on extra screne.
    I turned on mouse trails to fix the curser problem, that is when windows apps stopped working.
    I turned off the mouse trails and the problem went away…..go figgure

  200. 666 says:

    what??????? I don’t get it

  201. thomas says:

    Do u have to have a computer

  202. thomas says:

    Do u have to have a computer

  203. Fred Ecker says:

    Turning pointer trails on and off will give a temporary fix.
    Do not ask me how!

  204. Shariff says:

    Thanks, Fixed the issue. πŸ™‚

  205. aNATOMY says:

    you’re the best man , it worked for me

    i added all aplications packages to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT because it was missed then every thing worked fine

  206. Lovro says:

    Where can I find Computer Settings ?

  207. Kagaya says:

    damn! access is denied in CMD

  208. Kagaya says:

    damn! access is denied in CMD

  209. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much… Totally work

  210. Rafael says:

    It works! Thanks a lot.

  211. Vorpex says:

    This did not work, everything was checked, and correct, so nothing happenned. Please help!

  212. @Luis Cantero says:

    Please run the following in a Command Window to re-register the Store app:
    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.xml

  213. Qbert71 says:

    You da man! Thanks for the fix.

  214. Meghan says:

    I had a couple of problems. Firstly, I couldn’t find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers file in the registry editor. Secondly, the command prompt didn’t recognize the command you said to use (I tried three times).

  215. ian_pick says:

    It Will work just in the registry part..didn’t continue till cmd part..

  216. Amidroc says:

    Thanks SO much! Worked perfectly.

  217. james says:

    I’m having the same problem on my surface pro 2. (Windows 8.1 RT). I’ve followed the steps as far as I could. Any more advice?

  218. pie says:

    Does it really work? Checking…………

  219. AndyH says:

    Didnt work for me, all above was OK (as per blog). None of my METRO 8.1 Apps will open. Tearing my hair out, all seemed to happen after a Windows update. Even the HP factory restore for the Tablet uses an App, and my bluetooth keyboard, well I cant use
    Bluetooth that uses an App too. Win 8.1 has a great deal to answer for!!

  220. shubham says:

    thanks a lot all i need to do is to add all application package in classes ROOT

  221. Darrin WORKING SOLUTION says:

    Hey all, I’ve been having the same problem for the past few days. I tried all types of fixes including this one. Windows would give me an error saying I didn’t have permission to change the permissions.. funny huh? Anyway I have a solution that’s a pretty
    simple and I guess you could say kind of cheap, because it really doesn’t solve the problem at it’s root, it just eliminates it altogether.

    So what I did was make another user so I could delete the account I’m currently on and re-add it again. Control panel>user accounts>manage another user> add a new user in pc settings.

    After it set up my new account (everything worked by the way!!) I went back over and switched the new account to an admin so I could delete the main account. Presumably you could just use the new account, all your programs are still there, but I used a windows
    id for the old account, so I re-added it as a new user and all of my old settings were back, with all my apps working again.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Good luck all.


  222. Akshay Bajpai says:

    its irritating I have tried to type "gpresult /h c:gpresults.htm" And it gives me a error ……………………please find this problem. i am not the only one who is facing this problem

  223. Svetoslav Zaimov says:

    Dude, you are a lifesaver! Fixing the permissions for the main registry groups did the magic, after long time wasted with other fixes. Thank you!

  224. Bryan says:

    It didn’t work for me. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers was not in REGEDIT.

  225. Dilan Tharaka says:

    It is working after 3 months … thank u very much dear

  226. Brittain says:

    Yeah man……. it’s work without gpresult, i only change the permission. THANK YOU SO MUCH…..!!

  227. Luvlar says:

    No help.

  228. - says:

    I have this problem
    Followed instructions – everything is already set to this
    Still have problem

  229. Eric says:

    command prompt error. Same deal others are having. I found no work around for the "ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage" Command prompt was my last hope I think. Pretty lame Microsoft adopted apps if you ask me. They should
    leave that stuff to apple and stick with programs

  230. Vicky says:

    Thanks a lot. Worked Great πŸ™‚

  231. lee says:

    Everything worked until the CMD part. I have an error about "/h". Anything to fix that?

  232. blue says:

    you can use tweaking.coms windows all in one repair tool and it will reset all permissions etc…. the default things that it fixes is all you need ….

  233. Mieke says:

    AWESOME thank you for this easy to follow step through. Problem fixed! I will definitely be recommending TechNet as a great resource for Small Businesses.

  234. Jaxion says:

    Thank you so much, it worked for me

  235. Ben says:

    hello , are these step also fix the pc setting that cannot be open ?

  236. dani says:

    I got to the advanced security setting bit and it was as you said it should be aswell as every thing you said above that point but still the programs just open then close and won’t work help please

  237. Dylan Thorpe says:

    I have no HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers please help me (everything else already had read only ticked)

  238. Carl Baguiosmile says:

    The only process that worked. Thanks.

  239. Rick Blackwell says:

    Regedit solution didn’t work at first. Had to add "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" TO "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" and then give permissions. Worked fine after that. Might want to include that in solution.

  240. Ray Avila says:

    @todd @Adrian Try using "gpresult -h C:gpresults.html" in Command Prompt (Admin)

  241. Vicky says:

    no use

  242. Imad says:

    not working, receiving this message "GPRESULT/?"
    can u help?

  243. i type to command prompt this gpresult /h c:gpresults.html and …

    ERROR: Invalid argument/option -`h` .

  244. How To Fix says:

    If you wish to fix it without this crap (No offence) Open cmd as admin (Right click that windows icon on the taskbar and select command prompt admin) and type net user (UserNAME) (password not needed but can add anyway) and press Enter fixed the problem
    on my pc and my brothers we both had the same cracked iso

  245. firefox-II says:

    Good job! It’s working again. Thank you.

  246. Jon says:

    I’m the 5th person (on the 1st page at least)
    to say that the command prompt code gives me an error when I try to rut with /h

  247. Jake Williams says:

    Please help, in the CMD part, I got "ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’

  248. am says:

    Do you have to install REGEDIT? Its not installed in my PC.

  249. DanE says:

    man im getting real pissed my apps are still not opening

  250. wareef says:

    not working .. πŸ™

  251. Manivel says:

    U Are Amazing Man It’s Really Workin

  252. ajay says:

    Thank you ! Thank you πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ Love you !!

  253. Rajat says:

    budy genius i didnt had all application package in h_classes_key so i made it in advance settings and ya it started i feel like giving u a hug

  254. Sandie says:

    Did not work for me. Though I didn’t see "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers " to check if it had been read. Everything else was good. I didn’t have any changes to make so what are some other steps I can do to try and fix the problem. I didn’t do the last steps
    due to my computer being a home computer. I know I am not under a Group Policy or anything like that.

  255. C says:

    FINALLY. After months of trying dozens of other different kinds of solutions this one is the one that fixed it all. I’m not sure how this all started. I got this desktop computer new with 8.1 preinstalled. The store opened fine and I downloaded a microsoft
    game. After opening and closing the game about twice that’s when the apps and store started crashing. No matter what I tried, sfc scans, wsreset, app diagnostic, even something similar to this but nothing worked until now. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  256. Deeds says:

    Had to add ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Instantly solved my Windows Store issue. David Williams Dixon is a genius. Someone should make him CEO of something…or the President. Either one is apropos. Thank you!!!

  257. Tim says:

    Thanks you, that was driving me nuts! I actually had to add ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES to to the ROOT CLASSES reg. However, once added, everything worked according to plan. Wha ha ha, wha ha ha . . . >:-)_

  258. Yashen says:

    the gpresult /h c:gpresults.html should be typed as GPRESULT /h c:GPRESULTS.html

  259. Lisa H says:

    I had to run cmd as administrator and then the gpresult can create the results file

  260. Tauseef says:

    Try This Video Link
    It’s Absolutly work for me.

  261. maq says:

    mine also not work now what should i do

  262. Maq says:

    MY result is this
    ERROR: Invalid argument/option – /h’
    Type ‘GPRESULT /?" for usage.
    now what i do

  263. Ashley says:

    Um…My applications now close with record speed, they used to stay open for at least 5 seconds, now they close instantly wtf

  264. maggie says:


  265. I had the same issue that others have had. I do the following:
    Type the following in the Administrator Command Prompt: β€œgpresult /h c:gpresults.html” without quotes, but get the following error:
    ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘ /h’ .
    Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage.

    Any advice? All the items before this step check out and are already set as recommended.

  266. Ramesh says:

    No! It didn’t worked!!

  267. Cristian says:

    I don’t find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers

  268. Svylor says:

    I had only HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT without read access; after setting it, everything works like a charm!
    Microsoft really should fix this issue in windows update.
    Thanks a lot!

  269. Ravi says:

    ERROR: Access is denied..its not working for me

  270. Anindya says:

    Not working for my pc.please troubleshoot. thanks

  271. Jaka Septa says:

    Thanks dude! Your blog is really usefull.

  272. Tamara says:

    Great job Dave! Thank you so much!!!

  273. Kimberley says:

    I don’t have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers πŸ™

  274. Amar says:

    It worked finally!!! Even windows does not show this… pity.
    There was no ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Had to add the "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in the registry and give it "read" permissions.
    Thanks a ton!!

  275. Emmanuel says:

    Wow! i added all application packages to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and it worked. thanks

  276. Jason says:

    I don’t have ”ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” in the KEY_CLASS_ROOT, i have it inside USER. please help

  277. Chukwuma says:

    Thanks so much, Finally i had to fish it out with ur post, form Eastern Nigeria, i encourage u On more research wish i cud join u

  278. Buy Tough says:

    Check out our website for new and refurbished toughbooks and toughpads!

  279. Sharvari says:

    Amazing !! It worked. Thank you so much !!

  280. ISD says:

    The Windows firewall should be on or set to automatic. Make sure that it is not turned off.

  281. Nitesh Chauhan says:

    this also works.

    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.xml

  282. manan says:

    not working

  283. Kristen says:

    Ummm…. I looked at everything to find this folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers but found none. What do I do?

  284. kdsdata says:

    Uninstalling the trial version of VS2013, it took all the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES permissions with it. Thanks to this article, I was able to restore all the registry permissions and the folder permissions. For now things work fine again. Thanks for the

  285. rod says:

    Works like a charm! Obrigado!

  286. Flutters says:

    There is no ALL APPLICATIONS PACKAGES option under program files for me D: what do I do?

  287. Jelgab says:

    Super! I tried other solutions but none worked. Finally! The store works again.

  288. George says:

    Worked like magic .. wow!!!!

  289. Kaloyan says:

    100% Working. Maybe a confusion between local permission and AD GP permissions

  290. ujjwal says:

    it do not work on my pc

  291. Joey says:

    Am afraid it didn’t work on my system.

  292. Ronson says:

    I want to fix an installed app, not the store!!!

  293. Theo says:

    just adding READ Permissions for the All APPLICATION PACKAGES in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT solved my problem! Thank you!

  294. Wylie says:

    Changed HKEY_CLASSES_USER from special permissions to read and the laptop’s keyboard stopped functioning. Luckily i had a backup from earlier that day by chance. If this works for people great, but no matter what always backup before making changes.

  295. james says:

    Amazing. Sorted it for me too – thanks so much.

  296. Tyronne Max says:

    Thanks it Works

  297. Camille Guerrier says:

    Thank you for sharing this information on Windows 8.1 and repairing your laptop. I have Windows 8 and I am still not exactly sure how to use all the features. This has been happening to me when you click on the app, but it simply reloads to the start screen.
    It is very frustrating! Thank you for this tutorial. I will try to follow it, but if I can’t figure it out, I will have to take my laptop to a professional. Thanks.
    -Camille |

  298. Pat says:

    it worked great until command prompt. after entering gpresult /h c:gpresults.html, it says ‘ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘ /h’. any suggestions?

  299. William says:

    command part didnt work

  300. William says:

    it said access denied

  301. Izzy says:

    I can get as far as the Security tab of Program Files Properties, but there is no ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’. It only shows me ‘Authenticated Users’, ‘SYSTEM’, ‘Administrators’, ‘Users’. I also do not have the tool that is needed to open the Command Prompt
    (Admin). I had this problem with opening other apps and so I uninstalled, reinstalled, Store told me there was an error with the apps and then it fixed them for me. But now Store won’t open so I can’t fix the other apps. Is there anything else I can do to
    solve the problem?

  302. AV says:

    COOL : nice help

  303. CloudAngel says:

    just read this, thanks great help

  304. sakhtar says:

    Awesome! I have been very annoyed with app not opening issue. This article had indeed solved my problem.

  305. Tim says:

    Solution: buy a Mac.

  306. Debanjana. says:

    This isn’t working on my PC (win 8.1)

  307. Stanislaus Nnamdi says:

    U’re one in a million Dude…….this *** happened sometime to me ago, i did all the updates but didn’t resolve the issue which made me to refresh my pc and it occurred again till i got 2 this page and it resolved it. Although i added the application packages……Thanks
    a lot

  308. Jega says:

    Not fixed

  309. Rosie says:

    this is the best advice ever, it worked like magic

  310. Heros says:

    Help me.. after i do this… my windows media player cannot play the music file… what’s the problem?

  311. Emmanuelle says:

    ***! that totally worked thank you sooo much!

  312. Richie says:

    All settings were already as you described. Still no results, I HATE windows 8.1 I spend 100 times more effort trying to get it to do something than getting any actual work done.

  313. Dave says:

    Worked Great, after power cycle.

  314. JaredCEG says:

    This didn’t work on my computer but I did finally locate the problem after several factory resets. The issue for me was a single Windows update. It was listed under "optional" and it is for my AMD Raedon graphics card. I updated my AMD driver through AMD
    and bypassed the Windows update. Do not use Windows update to update your AMD products! Maybe for those of you who have AMD graphics cards and are still experiencing this problem, you can roll back your drivers and then update via AMD Catalyst? I’m not a computer
    person but it was definitely the culprit in my case and I saw a similar article on Tom’s Hardware website. Good luck!

  315. Sheep's And Neep's says:

    Baaaaariliant thanks

  316. soldier san says:

    Cheers ! thanks πŸ˜€

  317. basil says:

    Mine still doesnt work, I went through the steps and have the permissions

  318. Cassidy says:

    I got to open my report thing but then I was lost. I thought since that was the last step it would work. It still didn’t. πŸ™

  319. Darien says:

    I typed in gpresult /h c:gpresults.html but it still didn’t work. All it said back was ERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘/h’. Type "GPRESULT /?" for usage. any other suggestions, my computer has been this way for awhile and nothing seems to work. I can’t
    open any apps at all.

  320. recovery_97 says:

    really works πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ˜€

  321. Somdeep says:

    Thnx a lot bro….its really works….thank u very very much

  322. sawada says:

    not works for me i have no gpresult

  323. For those of you having an issue with the Command Prompt – Make sure you are going to the one with admin listed and use this command:


  324. Lane says:

    I don’t seem to have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers key, could that be the issue? Registry won’t allow me to create it either. Any other ideas?

  325. Colin Swarts says:

    Dave, you really a superstar. I did not do it yet but I can sense it will work for me.
    I am a learner and I’ve sent my PC to a repair shop. It was perfect on Windows 8.1. My McAfee protection expired two weeks prior to that and I could not afford to renew my subscription right away. So it started to get slow and funny.
    When I got the money I took it to the repair shop to install Bitdefender antivirus. When it came back. I had no Windows Store and could not update back to Windows 8.1. I battled for two weeks fruitless. I discovered off course with online help that my system
    is now running Windows version 6.3. I took it back to the shop.But they were looking rather confused to my liking. So I decided again, that’s it. I will search the web again for further help.
    Until I found your site.
    Thank you very much. And sorry for the essay. But I’m excited before time.

  326. smart says:

    It would shock u what a comment can do for a user in trouble. Thanks to Pakisa. Mine worked great.

  327. - says:

    cannot find the permission….*frustated

  328. Cindy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. After 2 very frustrating days, this fixed my problem!

  329. rohan says:

    i am using win 10………now i found that….whenever i open a app in my store my store automatically closes….totally frustrated……..please help

  330. @boymonster says:

    hello there , i have a problem with windows start apps not opening and tried every option and way that you game me here but non of them works , at all thanks and nice work !!!

  331. liam says:

    i am having trouble with the apps not opening, iv checked the read permissions but HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers is missing. i cant restore windows because when i open setting windows tries to open an app. any ideas how i can reinstate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEDrivers
    in regedit?

  332. Ashley says:

    How do you get the dialogue box (where you check "read") to pop up once you open the registry? Don’t know much about computers and don’t want to mess anything else up.

  333. Mide says:

    Thanks a lot

  334. SD says:

    My question is, why the f&*(*%# hell are we having to fix anything to begin with – It would be great if MS would actually put something out that worked. After hours of working on this… I did finally find the fix – I am switching to a Mac.

  335. thanks……
    it was very helpful

  336. Sameer says:

    Thanks it works.

  337. it's me says:

    If this doesn’t work then you might have a profile issue, Since you are on a domain have your it log in on his profile to see if the apps work for them. If it works for them then you should move your files off your profile onto a external hard drive. Have
    the it delete your user profile off the computer. reboot log back in with your profile it will create a new user profile on the device move your files back. and you should be good to go .

  338. Gooner says:

    Thanks worked πŸ˜€ :-D..Cheers!!

  339. rebecca says:


  340. Harsh Bhardwaj says:

    I have been trying to fix this problem on my new laptop from past 48 hours and tried 10+ things but your’s is the only solution that worked for me. Thank you man.

  341. Franklyn says:

    Dude you are a life saver, i have literally tried all other procedures listed on the web and none worked for me. Thanks a lot man.

  342. Yaxii khokhar says:

    sooo good very nice

  343. Seyi says:

    Thanks so much. I actually to go through your suggestions/solution and found out that there is no all application packages in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT; I added it and it worked.

  344. Seyi says:

    Thanks so much. I actually went through your suggestions/solutions and found out that there is no "all application packages" in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT; I added it and it worked.

  345. Kristy says:

    Darren 21 Sep 2014 6:10 AM #
    Finally, somebody figure this extremely irritating problem out. Worked for me on both my PC and Surface. The ‘All Application Packages’ User/Group wasn’t present. I had to press ‘Add…’ and then enter ‘all packages’ then press ‘Search’, add it to my permissions
    and then check the read box. Not sure how or why it got deleted in the first place though.

    I also had to add this, and bingo its all working. Thank you so much

  346. Swami says:

    Awesome this worked . Thanks

  347. Siegbert says:

    erroe :access denied.

    how to solve

  348. Chris says:

    Hi all,

    The above didnt work for me, however I found another solution in another blog:

    Basically just open up command prompt, paste in:

    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.xml

    hit Enter.

    Now in that same Administrator Command Prompt type or paste: start "" "ms-windows-store:"

    Worked for me, good luck!

  349. Steve says:

    YES! THIS WORKS! My HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT permissions were all missing for some weird reason, must be corrupt registry or some stupid malware/toolbar changing things. Re-added all permissions and my Windows Metro Apps now work again. THANK YOU!

  350. Amila Ranasinghe says:

    Excellent….. this worked for me. thanks

  351. Bryan says:

    still wont work >:(

  352. Glenn in Orlando says:

    Thanks a billion gigawatts. The clear step-by-step instructions really worked & fixed everything!

  353. Bal says:

    thank you for sharing this…i almost throw my tablet into the thrash bin because loads of app i have installed thru store suddenly stop working. i uninstall and reinstall those apps and still nothing happened. after checking the regedit though, not all are set to READ. i changed everything back to read and reinstall those apps affected, some work immediately others are not rather asking me to go back to store to repair the app. everything is back to normal now. thanks.

  354. John Rider says:

    Thanks, For the information

  355. adri grobler says:

    Thoroughly enjoy the way you explain and “show” the intstructions with screenshots. Good work and thanks.

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