Microsoft Office 365 Beta Deployment Guide for Enterprises

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We are excited to announce that the “Microsoft Office 365 Beta Deployment Guide for Enterprises’ is now available on the Community Portal. 

The Beta version of Office 365 for enterprises and this deployment guide are still in development and are subject to change during the beta period and at the time of general availability (GA).   Please check back for updated versions as we incorporate feedback. 


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About the document

This document presents the Office 365 Beta for enterprises deployment process in a manner that explains both important deployment concepts as well as detailed procedures.  It is also intentionally organized into the sections that provide specific types of information to specific types of people in your organization. Here is a quick overview of what you will find:

  • Deployment Overview section. This material provides the high-level look at the deployment and organizational requirements to deploy Office 365 Beta for enterprises. It has valuable information for your IT decision-makers, program managers, and technical implementation leads.
  • Plan and Prepare sections. These sections describe the particular tasks and activities required to get ready and fully implement your Office 365 Beta for enterprises deployment. They are generally presented in the order in which you address them during your deployment. Topics discussed in the Plan section generally reappear in the Prepare section with instructions for carrying out the task. Within both sections is content that will concern specific subject matter experts in your organization.
  • Migrate section. This section describes the steps for moving your users’ mailboxes to Office 365 Beta for enterprises so you can begin using the Office 365 Beta services as part of your production environment.

 This deployment guide does not address Office 365 Beta for enterprises sales activities that occur before deployment or operations activities that occur after deployment.  In addition, the guide does not address solution alignment questions. It is assumed that your organization has already conducted a preliminary evaluation with Microsoft staff or partners to assess how well Office 365 Beta for enterprises aligns with your current and future business application requirements.  Lastly, the guide does not provide guidance on moving an existing BPOS implementation to the Office 365 Beta for enterprises. Information about transitioning from BPOS to Office 365 is available at the Microsoft Office 365 transition center.

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  1. Miguel Angel says:

    Una pregunta. Para pasar ficheros .pst locales de cuentas pop3 al Office 365 como se hace??


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