Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 グッジョブ!!

このブログを普段から見てくれている方は、????? なタイトルですよね、すいません。



Virtualization: Customers can easily run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 as a guest on top of Microsoft Hyper-V, providing enhanced interoperability in a Windows environment. This enhances the usability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for guests in a heterogeneous multi-vendor virtualized environment and provides improved flexibility and interoperability for our customers.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 now includes the Microsoft Hyper-V Linux drivers, which were recently accepted upstream Linux community, and improves the overall performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 as a guest on Microsoft Hyper-V.

たまに、Linux を仮想化するなら VMware さんだよという話を聞きますが、その認識が古くなってきているかもしれませんよ。

そろそろ Hyper-V で試してみませんか?

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